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- 09. July 2007.

Esther Süss from Switzerland wins the NISSAN UCI MTB Marathon World Cup #2 Südtirol Dolomiti Superbike in Villabassa/Niederdorf

The winning time of the women was of five hours 43 minutes and one second. The 33 year old Esther Süss from Switzerland repeated her success of last year with an advantage of one minute and 34 seconds over the 32 year old Pia Sundstedt from Finland. Dolores Rupp from Switzerland finished third with a delay of five minutes and 15 seconds. The fourth place went to Annabella Stropparo from Italy, the fifth to Blaza Klemncic from Slovenia.

“During the first two hours it was Annabella Stropparo to make the rhythm“, the winner states. “On the last climb Pia and I were still together. Then I tried to increase my speed, and it worked out”.

“Indeed: I could no longer keep up”, states Pia Sundstedt. “Congratulations to Esther for her great victory“.

Both ladies knew the race would be decided on the last climb. „Who has more power at that point wins“, the first and second ranking athletes say unisono.

Dolores Rupp, the 34 year old mother from Valens in the canton St.Gallen, who has even been in the lead at times, explains: „The result is more than I expected. I am not that strong technically, so I was surprised to be in the lead in some downhills and on some single trails”.


1. Süss Esther, 1974 SUI CH-Küttigen 5:43.01,6

2. Sundstedt Pia, FIN-Kokkola 1975Gewiss Bianchi 5:44.35,9 Rückstand 1.34,3

3. Rupp Dolores,1973 SUI CH-Valens 5:48.17,3 5.15,7

4. Stropparo Annabella 1968 ITA I-Valle San Floriano (VI) 5:58.23,2 15.21,6

5. Klemencic Blaza, SLO-Lubljiana 1980 SLO Pintatim Full Dynamix

6:01.02,2 18.00,6

6. Gaddoni Elena 1980 ITA I 6:03.52,7

7. Schwing Katrin, D-Mosbach 1972 GER Trek VW 6:07.59,9

8. Benzoni Michela, 1978 ITA I-Lissone (MI) 6:08.26,4

9. Hober Alexandra, 1974 ITA I-Meran (BZ) 6:08.26,9

10. Heinzmann Fabienne, CH-Visperterminen 1976 SUI Trek VW 6:13.14,2 30.12,6

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