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Essential Tips for Your Next Hunting Trip

Essential Tips for Your Next Hunting Trip

When planning a hunting trip there are a lot of different elements that you need to consider. It’s not as straight forward as just turning up and setting off. A lack of planning is one of the worst things you can do and will often lead to an unsuccessful and un-enjoyable trip for all involved. These are four top considerations you should be making when planning your next trip.white and blue van near body of water

Will you need a guide?

One of the first things you will need to think about is whether or not you are going to require a guide or specialist for your trip. If you are planning on hunting more speciality prey then you may require an expert guide who can help you stalk, track and find it. Depending on the area in which you plan to hunt you may be required to have a guide or it may be a complex run by a company that you need to book with before you can go out on your trip. There are many different companies that offer this kind of experience.

What clothing will you need to take?

If your trip is taking place in the winter then you are going to need to take many more layers and different types of clothing than if you were heading out for a trip in the summer months. One item to consider, if you're going on a winter hunt, is a base layer like those made from Merino wool. They are designed to be worn under your clothing and are great at absorbing odors so can be worn for many days at a time. Boots are another very important consideration and you should always try to break walking boots in before your trip.

What equipment is necessary?

Aside from the actual piece of equipment you are going to use while hunting there may be other considerations depending on the type of trip you are heading on. If you are going fishing then you will need lures, bait, rods, nets and maybe even a boat. If you are more focused on tracking and walking then a map and a compass may be necessary. Another point to consider is if you will be staying out overnight. If so, you will need to take some sort of shelter or tent. Alternatively, you may be choosing to sleep under the stars so will only need a sleeping mat and sleeping bag.

What are the travel plans and timings?

Travel is always an important factor, especially if you need to catch a plane to get to your hunting location. You will need to consider what gear you are taking and how best to organise getting this loaded onto the plane. Timings are also important if you are heading out without a guide. Letting people know where you‘re headed and the timings of the trip will help to keep you safe. If you don't turn up when expected people can raise the alarm just in case something has happened.

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