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Triathlon - 12. November 2007.

Ertel prevail's in San Fran

(November 11, 2007 )
Hunter Kemper and Julie Ertel raced to victories at the San Francisco ITU Triathlon Pan American Cup at Treasure Island on Saturday, and in the process captured the overall title of USA Triathlon's Haul to the Great Wall series.

The race was actually modified to a 6.5k run, 40k bike, 10k run duathlon after an oil spill in San Francisco Bay earlier in the week forced the cancellation of the swim leg.

For the women, it was a four-person race almost from the start as Ertel, Sarah Haskins, Sarah Groff, and Jillian Petersen formed a group that was together all day. Out on the second run, the foursome began to spread a bit, but it was Ertel who had the most left at the end, finishing in 2:08:47, nearly a minute ahead of second-place Haskins (2:09:44). Petersen took third in 2:09:52.

Racing a few hours north of her home in San Diego, Ertel didn't let the lack of a swim and the four extra miles of running affect her race preparations.

"One thing I've learned from triathlons is that you have to take them as they come. I saw on the website yesterday that it [the swim] might be cancelled and I just started mentally preparing. I've done duathlons before and I decided in my mind that it was going to be a good day," said Ertel. "It [the run] was a little bit more than I was prepared for, but I always try to make sure my training is more than I will ever encounter in a race. It may have pushed me a little bit further, but I think it will make me stronger for my last race of the year.

"It's always nice to do well when I race in the U.S. This one was very special because it was in California; it makes it feel like a hometown race," she added.

With their race wins, Kemper and Ertel each took home $5,000, plus a $1,500 bonus from Speedo as the top American finishers. As Haul to the Great Wall series winners, they each pocketed another $6,000, plus a $5,000 Speedo bonus.

Haskins finished second in the series and each claimed a $2,500 Speedo bonus.

2007 Treasure Island at San Francisco Triathlon Results
($40,000 prize purse, plus $5,000 Speedo bonus)

1 - Julie Ertel (La Jolla, Calif.) 2:08:47 ($5,000, plus $1,500 Speedo bonus)
2 - Sarah Haskins (Colorado Springs, Colo.) 2:09:44 ($4,000, plus $750 Speedo bonus)
3 - Jillian Petersen (St. Louis, Mo.) 2:09:52 ($3,000, plus $250 Speedo bonus)
4 - Sarah Groff (Boulder, Colo.) 2:10:40 ($2,000)
5 - Justine Whipple (Colorado Springs, Colo.) 2:11:25 ($1,500)
6 - Alexis Waddell (Monterey, Calif.) 2:12:51 ($1,200)
7 - Mary Beth Ellis (Thornton, Colo.) 2:16:13 ($1,000)
8 - Annie Warner (Nine Mile Falls, Wash.) 2:17:15 ($900)
9 - Alicia Kaye (Maynard, Mass.) 2:17:23 ($800)
10 - Kathrin Meade (Ft. Collins, Colo.) 2:17:33 ($600)

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