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Other Sports - 23. October 2007.

English Korfball Association Cup Starts

The results from the first weekend of Round 1 of the EKA Cup are now in. Although some teams came close, there were no overall surprises in the final pool results, with all the National League Premier and Division 1 teams, and Reserve League champions Mitcham 2, all progressing.

In the first 5 pools of Round 1, 15 teams competed for the chance to progress to Round 2 of the EKA Cup 2007/8.

The results are as follows:
Bec 1 beat Trojans 2: 7-4
Trojans 2 lost to Manchester Warriors 1: 6-14
Manchester Warriors 1 lost to Bec 1: 4-10

Croydon 1 beat Highbury 2: 8-7
Highbury 2 beat Cardiff City: 10-4
Cardiff City lost to Croydon 1: 4-15

West London Wildcats beat Bec 2: 9-5
Bec 2 beat Birmingham City: 8-7
Birmingham City lost to West London Wildcats: 5-13

Highbury 1 drew with North Downs: 9-9 (Highbury 1 then lost 0-1 on sudden-death penalties)
North Downs beat Milton Keynes Bucks: 9-3
Milton Keynes Bucks beat Highbury 1: 9-6

Vikings lost to Mitcham 2: 2-28
Mitcham 2 beat Manchester Warriors 2: 19-6
Manchester Warriors 2 beat Vikings: 11-5
The pool winners (who will progress to Round 2) are therefore:
Bec 1, Croydon 1, West London Wildcats, North Downs and Mitcham 2.
Congratulations to the winning teams.

The remaining 5 pools will be played on Sunday 4th November 2007.
Anna Jeanes
EKA Competitions Co-ordinator
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