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Handball - 18. April 2008.

EHF News update

EHF NEWS 55 with a round-up of the EHF events over the course of the coming weekend: including the draw event for the EHF EURO 2010 qualifications, EHF Competitions Conference and EHF EURO 2010 Workshop.

photo EHF

In addition to this, the 1st leg of the semi-finals of the 2007/2008 EHF Women's Champions League and European Cup will take place. Please find below EHF NEWS LINKS 56:

2007/08 Women's EHF CL http://home.eurohandball.com/report.asp?bid=257&rnr=5&pha=1153
2007/08 Women's Challenge Cup http://home.eurohandball.com/report.asp?bid=269&rnr=6&pha=1031
2007/08 Women's Cup Winners' Cup http://home.eurohandball.com/report.asp?bid=268&rnr=6&pha=1031
2007/08 Women's EHF Cup http://home.eurohandball.com/report.asp?bid=267&rnr=6&pha=1031
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