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Dyna-Band the total body workout


The total body workout claims to work your whole body and it certainly does. There are thousands of exercise DVD's on the market these days but selecting a really good one is not an easy task.


When I was first asked to try the Dyna-Band the total body workout DVD I did not expect too much of it as I presumed it will be one of the many I have seen in the past and just thought what a waist of money.

I must honestly say that I was impressed with Dyna-Band the total body workout DVD. The exercises are very well structured, working on every single muscle group of the entire body. It's prefect home based workout or when travelling.  The DVD includes of a Dyna-band and you are guided on how to use the band correctly to get the best out of your workout.

Great workout is guaranteed not just for an exercise novice but also well conditioned person. I can well recommend this exercise DVD, and will certainly keep exercising with it as an addition to my weekly exercise routines.

Vladka Juroskova (FdSc Sports therapist and Personal trainer).
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