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Sailing - 12. April 2008.

Dismasted yachts rejoin Clipper 07-08 Round the World Yacht Race

Ala Wai Harbor, Honolulu, Hawaii
Having made their final departure preparations this morning in pouring rain
­ a Hawaiian blessing, according to the Commodore of Hawaii Yacht Club ­
westernaustralia2011.com and Durban 2010 and Beyond left Honolulu this
afternoon to rejoin the Clipper 07-08 Round the World Yacht Race fleet on
the race to Santa Cruz.

sailingdurban2010and beyondcrewheatherewingondit.jpg
Durban 2010 and Beyond crew leave Ala Wai Harbor for the final part of their journey across the Pacific Ocean. Durban 2010 and Beyond will motor-sail to Santa Cruz in order to arrive in time for the start of Race 9 to Panama.

Five weeks to the day since westernaustralia2011.com lost the top half of
her mast 700 miles off Japan, and after a mammoth logistical operation, both
yachts left Ala Wai Harbor for the final part of their journey across the
Pacific Ocean. They will motor-sail to Santa Cruz in order to arrive in time
for the start of Race 9 to Panama.
Skipper of westernaustralia2011.com, Martin Silk, said, ³I¹m very happy ­
it¹s great to be getting back racing again. The boat¹s ready, the crew¹s
ready, it¹s been a great adventure but we¹re looking forward to getting out
there and back into the race.²
As they made their final departure preparations, Frank E. Lang, Commodore of
Hawaii Yacht Club addressed both crews. ³It is time to bid you farewell,² he
said. ³The misfortune that fell upon your rigging provided you with
opportunities to demonstrate seamanship skills seldom used in modern sailing
and to place yourselves in prominent pages of the history of modern yacht

Lyn Condratoff (right) welcomed by fellow crew member Jude Lawrence who was waiting on the dockside. The crew of westernaustralia2011.com arrive in Ala Wai Harbor, Honolulu, Hawaii at the finish of Race 7 after being dismasted in Pacific Ocean in the Clipper 07-08 Round the World Yacht Race.

He continued ³Now you¹re about to cast of for Santa Cruz. We shall miss your
smiling faces and your cheerful laughter and our quiet little harbour will
seem empty without you. You and the rest of the Clipper crews have been most
excellent guests and, for that reason, we have instituted a new award for
our club.²
The Commodore presented both skippers with the Corinthian Spirit Award for,
³Contagious courtesy, comportment and camaraderie; exceptional enthusiasm,
efficiency and effectiveness; and generous good cheer, good grace and good
fellowship whilst overcoming outrageous and unanticipated problems of
support, supply and vessel repair during the Honolulu stopover of the
Qingdao to Santa Cruz leg of the Clipper 07-08 Round the World Yacht Race.
Skipper and crew have proved themselves to uphold the highest standards and
traditions of Corinthian Yachtsmen and Yachtswomen.²
In return, Ricky Chalmers, skipper of Durban 2010 and Beyond said, ³I¹d like
to thank Hawaii Yacht Club and your neighbours at Waikiki Yacht Club where
we were initially berthed, and of course our friends at Magic Island
Petroleum Fuel Dock for your generous hospitality during the stopover. We¹ll
certainly miss the steaks at your Monday night barbecue at HYC!²
For Race Director Joff Bailey and the rest of the Clipper 07-08 team, the
departure of the two yachts marks the end of a massive international
operation to variously source, manufacture, ship and fit masts, rigging and
all the attendant parts necessary to repair and get the yachts underway
again. Riggers, a mast builder and specialist machinery were flown out from
the UK in order to work on the two dismasted yachts as well as replace some
of the rigging components across the rest of the fleet.
Joff says, ³I¹m relieved we¹ve managed to complete this operation
successfully in such a relatively short space of time. I¹m sure there were
people who thought it couldn¹t be done but it goes to show what teamwork can
achieve ­ and it has been a whole team effort, from our fleet manager and
finance director in the UK who have been sourcing supplies and arranging
shipping to our highly skilled maintenance team who have worked relentlessly
to achieve what many thought was the impossible. They are the best in the
business. The teams from Spencer Rigging and Atlantic Spars have also gone
above and beyond to build and fit these masts and rigging and we couldn¹t
have done it without Charlie and his team at Ala Wai Marine boat yard.²
As the two southern hemisphere entries did not make the start line for Race
8 with the rest of the fleet on Saturday morning due to the work on their
masts, the Race Committee has decided the only fair way forward for all
teams is to award these two the points associated with their average
position for the previous seven races, rounded to the nearest whole
position, and allow the other eight boats to race for full points. Durban
2010 and Beyond¹s average position was fourth so they will get seven points,
westernaustralia2011.com¹s average position is sixth so they will get five
The first eight of the fleet of ten internationally-backed 68-foot racing
yachts are due to arrive in Santa Cruz on approximately 19 April, with the
pair who have set sail today joining them in time for the start of Race 9.
Clipper Race founder and legendary solo sailor, Sir Robin Knox-Johnston
says, ³We expect the race to Santa Cruz to take about 14 days so the ETA is
19 April. We are asking all Leg 6 crew to be available in Santa Cruz for a
crew changeover on or before 1000 local time on 21 April. The actual
re-start date will depend upon the arrival date and the race duration but is
likely to be 23 April. The Santa Cruz stopover will be no longer than five
³Of course, the times are weather dependent. The boats need to get north out
of the easterly trade winds which means crossing the variables to get into
the westerly trades, then it is a spinnaker run to California. The extent of
the variables is, well, variable! Our plan remains to try to get back on
schedule for departure from Jamaica.²
This is the sixth edition of the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race. It was
established in 1996 by Sir Robin, who wanted to give ordinary people access
to the exhilaration of ocean racing. Ten months after they set off, at the
end of their 35,000-mile circumnavigation, the teams will arrive back in
Liverpool, England, on 5 July 2008 during the city¹s European Capital of
Culture 2008 celebrations.
The welcome in Hawaii has been enthusiastic and there will undoubtedly be
many more people following the race on www.clipperroundtheworld.com
<http://www.clipperroundtheworld.com/> where the yachts¹ positions are
updated every six hours and where visitors to the site can feel they are
part of the challenge of a lifetime by reading the blogs and watching the
videos sent back by the crews during the race.
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