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Billiards - 16. September 2007.


A very nice 1-8 combo in the side but the cue ball double kisses the 1 and Allison plays defense. Kelly plays a safety and leaves a 1-rail kick for Allison. She hits the 1 but leaves a piece of it for Kelly. Kelly attempts a safety but Allison can see it. She rattles the 1 and Kelly comes to the table with an opening.

photo WPBA

She makes the 1 and 2 and decides to play position on a 3-9 combination which she makes to take the first game. 1-0 Kelly comes up dry on her first break. Allison has a backward cut on the 1 in the side and goes 3-rails to fall on the 2. She makes the 3 and 4 and ends up with a thin cut in the side for the 5 and falls short on the 6. She banks the 6 cross corner and completes the rack to tie the score at 1-1.

Ms. A. Fisher set to break. A nice little kiss on the 1 in the side with a shot on the 2. Allison falls short for the 3 and kicks 2-rails for the hit but leaves a shot. Kelly pockets the 3 but gets funny on the 4. She attempts a safety but bumps the 6 and leaves Allison a shot. Allison capitalizes on the opportunity to take a 2-1 lead. Game 4, K. Fisher to break.

The 6 falls and she has a shot on the 1 and makes a solid run out to tie the score at 2-2. Allison fails to make a ball on the break. Kelly plays a 2-way and Allison plays a safe. Kelly thins the 1 and it goes! She leaves the hook for herself and fails to hit the 2, ball in hand for Allison. She is running out and just barely hooks herself on the 6 behind the 7 and is forced to play a defensive shot. Kelly studies and opts for a safety but leaks out. Allie tries to hook Kelly behind the 7 instead of the 9 and leaves a shot.

Kelly makes a nice shot on the 6 and takes the lead 3-2 with the break. Kelly makes the 6 on the break but can’t see all of the 1 and plays safe. Allison plays a safety and Kelly returns. Allie makes a nice shot on the 1 but misses a long 2. Kelly makes a very nice shot on the 2, 3, and 4 but comes short on the 5 and has to play defense. Allie makes a nice bank on the 5 but falls short on the 7 and plays a zig zag safety. Kelly thins the 7 but just misses the hook and leaves a shot in the side for Allison to tie the match at 3. We have a race to 4 for the U.S. Open Championship title.

Kelly Fisher photo WPBA

A Fisher comes up dry on her break. Kelly has a shot on the 1 with an open table. An uncharacteristic miss for Kelly on the 4 ball probably due to inside English but doesn’t leave a shot. Allison plays a tricky defensive shot and Kelly returns. Allison kicks behind the 4 off the short rail and hooks Kelly when the 4 bumps the 5.

Kelly goes for her jump cue, makes a good hit, but leaves a shot. Allie spears the 4 and drops perfectly on the 5 and gets out for a 4-3 lead. Kelly makes the 1 and 7 on the break, can see the 2 but it doesn’t have a pocket. In her attempt to play safe on the 2 it bumps the 5 and goes in. She can see a piece of the 3 and wants to put her cue ball behind the 5 but falls short and leaves a shot. Allison pockets the 3 and plays safe on the 4.

Kelly kicks 1 rail and gets as close to making the ball as you can. Allison plays a safety and Kelly attempts a return but leaves a shot. Allison takes a 2 game lead 5-3. Allison is set to break. She fails to pocket a ball and Kelly has a shot on the 1 with an open table to pull within 1 at 4-5. K. Fisher set to break. Nothing on the break and Allison has a 1-4 combo. They both go but she can see the 2 although she is too straight to get on the 3 and plays safe on the 3. Kelly is left with a 1 rail kick that catches both points but it doesn’t fall.

Allison makes a nice thin cut on the 3 but the cue ball bumps the 4 and scratches. Ball in hand for Kelly to tie the match at 5. Race to 2!! Allison makes the 1 and 4 and opts to push. Kelly thins the 2 but Allison can see it. She hangs the 2 on the thin cut. Kelly comes back to the table to try and get on the hill first.

After a couple of tough shots and a cell phone going off Kelly maintains her composure to reach the hill 6-5. Kelly is breaking on the hill and makes the 4 with a shot on the 1. She pockets the 1, 2, 3, 5 with the bridge, 6, short side on the 7, a little backward cut on the 8 in the side but, oh no, dread, the cue ball just kisses the 9 and scratches.

Sweater’s delight. Hill-Hill!! Allison will break on the hill as soon as the tape is changed. Here we go!!! Nothing on the break and Kelly is forced to push. Allison returns the shot to Kelly. Kelly attempts a safety but leaves a shot. Allison makes the 1, 2, 3, and is hooked on the 4. She makes a brilliant 1 rail kick to pocket the 4 with a slow speed to stay along the long rail for a tough shot on the 6 which is right past the side pocket.

After 2 extensions and numerous addressing strokes, Allison makes the 6, completes the rack, and adds a third consecutive U.S. Open title to reach a milestone of 50 victories on tour. The fans showed their appreciation with a resounding, standing ovation for the greatest female pool player, ever.
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