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Claudia Fallah Skincare range

Claudia Fallah Sensitive skin care since 1999

Energising Beauty Fluid Repair Serum


Our signature blend, intensively rejuvenating serum that targets skin in need of extra care, while soothing the senses with its delicate natural aroma. Designed to improve the skin’s metabolism, the serum super-charges any skincare regime, to restore vitality, tone and suppleness. Ideal for all skin types, particularly sensitive, tired or dehydrated skin. Nutrient-rich formula which glides on like liquid silk for an instant transformative anti-aging moisture boost, reducing fine lines on the face and neck.

Im 49 now so any help is greatly received. My friend had recommended I change my skin care a while ago and then was contacted by WSR to try out the Claudia Fallah range, so she called me up and asked me if I wanted to try it and of course I said yes!!!

I looked up the product online and it sounded right up my street, I dont put much on my skin but I do like a good face cream. A repair serum with Sandalwood Nut oil and many natural ingredients. 

My skin can become a little dry at times so reading that the serum tries to target certain areas and change the metabolism of the skin I was excited. My first application was lovely it feels like silk on your skin, wonderful and rejuvinating, I don't wear make up so my cream is my make up, if it makes my skin feel great then I feel great, just like the effect of makeup, brings out your confidence. I used it on my face and neck and I loved it, enough said !!!!!

It's also presented in a lovely pump of the highest quality keeping what's inside fresh for longer

I use it everyday and will continue to use it everyday. I have also purchased the night cream.
On the website it has a special offer on at the moment so check it out a huge saving

Buy here

Made with natural & organic ingredients
Gentle formulation for sensitive skin
Uses actives known for their healing, antioxidant, regenerative and moisturising qualities
No artificial fragrances or colours
No parabens
No animal testing
Proven in our clinics since 1999

Intensive Repair Creme

Absolutely loved this product!!!!!! Buy here
I am 42 years old and have been looking for sometime for a beauty product that I can use everyday to help with ageing skin.
When I was asked to try out the product I was thrilled. At first always a little hesitant as I am a little fussy.

I had not worries at all, loved the product, the nicest thing about the product was how it felt on my skin, it went on really nicely when rubbed it felt so smooth, not greasy, oily or anything, leaves the skin feeling fantastic.
I use it every morning and every night, and am going to continue using it.
Available in two different sizes 

Thanks Claudia Fallah


Azulene Foam Active Calming Face Wash

An extremely gentle and hydrating face wash that removes impurities and decongests the skin. The soothing azulene calms, conditions and protects, while mango extract helps to balance uneven skin tone. With out drying out the skin.

Ideal for all skin types, even the most delicate of skin.

I was excited to let my teenage daughter try the Azulene Foam Wash as she is suffering with acne at the moment and has tried many of the high street products. The Foam wash had a definite uplifting effect to her skin, it was mostly the inflammation where she could see a huge difference, used in combination with a skin steamer her acne improved immensely and she continues to use the Azulene on a daily basis. 

It's not just her skin that has improved but her overall confidence, it was really getting her down.
So a huge thank you to WSR and Claudia Fallah for letting her try it out
Cost is £38 for a £100ml bottle compared to many skin care specialists the price is great!!!

Buy here


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