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Clarks trainers review






Reviewed by Heather Foundling Hawker 100km British Champion

They are lightweight, neutral, high arch, width D fitting. They have cushioning for stability, yet gently refresh and massage my feet as I walk along. It's brilliant, ideal for light aerobic exercise or body pump. Just rejuvenating!

As my profession is Ultra Distance Running my feet are extremely important to me, I need to feel comfortable in the trainers I use, 


I find it extremely difficult finding this and sometimes even have to pack my trainers out for a run to enable me to find the support. The Width D fitting fit me like a glove, it was the inner sole that I found so impressive, slightly raised to give that extra comfort needed. Having these inner soles in a pair of my running shoes would be amazing, I think I could benefit greatly in so many ways.

I would be extremely pleased to review other Clarks Sports Range trainers if they are made as good as these.




I go to the gym 4 times a week, and I found my feet were hurting in the running trainers I owned, as I do a lot of cardio, I use my feet for every machine, so when I was asked to review the Clarks …….. I was excited as they were a completely different trainer.


My first machine was the treadmill,  the Indigo slip sports shoe was so comfortable as I didn’t have too much back on the trainer so it wasn’t digging into my ankles, and as they were light it didn’t make constant lifting of my legs and feet feel heavy. They also fit better in the foot slots on the machines then the average trainer, they were quite slim line, and fitted to the foot. And the fact there are no laces meant that I wasn’t worrying about them undoing, they are then constantly nice and tight.

I also have flat feet so find buying trainers really difficult. The inner sole lifted my arch and gave such support and comfort, I was really impressed and have recommended them to many of my friends.


There was room in them but they fitted nicely around my feet. They were easy to slip on and slip off, just a piece of elastic that wraps around a hook on the side of the trainer.


They also look really stylish which I liked, as a lot of trainers look really clumpy. I received lots of compliments from other people in the gym. They are slim, small, great design, white with a little colour, so the fact that they are quite fashionable I liked a lot.




Excellent design, loved the colour, extremely comfortable. On the insole there are little nodules that help massage the feet when gently exercising/walking. The shoe looks great with trousers, skirts, shorts and you could even wear them with a dress. The main function of the shoe is the comfort factor, extreme comfortability. I would recommend the shoe to children aswell as adults.




The Inca Slip Silver that I tried and tested for WSR was a joy. They were instantly liked by all my friends and colleagues. They were so comfortable when just walking around town or walking the dog. I play a lot of skittles; I wore the trainers for my matches and was extremely pleased with the result. I would recommend these trainers to any active person that is looking for comfort; these insole has a slight raise in it, so ideal for flat feet.

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