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Clarks Summer Sports Shoe Review

These pumps are so comfortable, Clarks never let us down.

I have worn these shoes for weeks now and never want to take them off. They have really good soles so you feel nothing when you are walking. They come in the most gorgeous colours, priced from Clarks at £39.99, they would last you a number of summers, well worth the buy. 10/10

Women's shoes styled to reflect their name - beautiful and elegant with clean, modern lines. Inspired by the yoga and pilates trends, this style is supple enough to adapt gracefully to every move. The soft raspberry leather upper is accented with satin detailing and an elasticated bar strap.

Material       Leather
Lining          Sheepskin
Sole            Mixed
HeelHeight    20 mm
Fastening     Other
Removable    Insole    No

Icarus Bar

Gorgeous women's sports shoes in fashionable metallic pewter leather. These dance-inspired pumps come with an adjustable Mary Jane-style strap, with comfort from a cushioned interior and invigoration from our unique atsu massage footbed.


If you liked the Icarus Bar from last season you will love these the same concept with the unique atsu massage footbed. Soooo comfortable, they come in only two colours, black or Chrome. Priced at £49.00 you buy what you pay for. 9/10
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