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The new Mosquito net from Care Plus was taken onto Dartmoor and intends to spend most of the year there. It's holding up well no mosi's means no bites and I get eaten alive. Very pleased with it, well done Care Plus.

It's also coming with me to Aruba Caribbean) in a months time, the old town doesn't get sprayed like the new tourist area and I got eaten last year so this small and lightweight package can fit right into my luggage without any hastle.


Includes suspension kit
• Easy to hang up on 1 suspension point
• 50% lighter than standard net
• Weighs only 150 grams
• Durallin long-lasting impregnation
• Additional skirt along the bottom that allows the
net to be fixed under the mattress

All Lightweight nets are Long-Lasting Impregnated (LLI) and suitable for areas with a malaria risk. Our Lightweight nets are 50% lighter than our regular nets, and ideal for the world traveller.

The standard nets are woven in a hexagonal honeycomb mesh pattern. The Lightweight nets use a rhombus mesh pattern that uses less material than the standard net, while still keeping a stable form.

The Mini Travel Set

From as little as £8.00


This is such a handy little package, use it anywhere and it fits right into your pocket. So if your caught out with mosi's or other insect bites, getting sun burnt or even sweating too much in the bush this set is perfect to travel with


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