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Basketball - 24. September 2007.

CAN 07: Day-3 Pairing: Mozambique dares Senegal, as Cameroon takes on Kenya

A win for either of side could guarantee her a spot in the quarterfinals billed for next Friday in Dakar.


In the second fixture in group-A Cote d’Ivoire will have her hands full when it take to the court against enterprising Mali who has turned out to be one of the major challenger for the Olympics ticket.


This is one match the Malians cannot afford to toy with as they hope to contest for the group top spot so as to gain advantage for the quarterfinals pairing which will see the top place finisher being paired against the fourth team from the other group.


The last match in group-A will see host Senegal playing against a tough opponent in Mozambique.


The Senegalese Lioness will bank on home support to get past the Mozambican who have shown some guts in the championship so far, winning her first two games against Madagascar and Cote d’Ivoire.


Sunday’s game against Senegal will the real test for these Zone-6 team who will rely on determination and fast break to run down their opponent.


In group-B Angola will try to add Cape Verde to her number of casualty after Kenya and Nigeria fell to them and aimed at finishing well in the group.


Mfon Udoka and her Nigerian colleagues knows that their Sunday game which see them playing another difficult match against DR Congo is a make or mar encounter as Mabika Mwadi and her army will be seeking revenge from the Nigerians whom they fell to in the semi-finals of the 2005 edition in Abuja, Nigeria.


A lose could spell doom for the Kevin Cook coached Tigresses from Nigeria which will see them sink further in the group they have been tipped to top and a likely tough quarter-finals game if they eventually make it to the last eight.


The group last game before the mandatory rest day will be between Cameroon and Kenya, the match looks interesting as the Lioness of Cameroon recorded what was consider an upset Saturday when it defeated DR Congo, like the Cameroonians, Kenya also posted a win over Cape Verde to make an interesting pairing on Sunday.


Olusegun Ikuesan,


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