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Callus Cream


My feet aren’t the prettiest asset I have, perhaps because they endure a tremendous amount of strain and pressure. Hence the need for ClearZal Callus Crème after my long distance running, ultra distance races and marathons. Have a look at the photos of my feet after running across Bodmin Moor in the hail, gale force winds and squally showers yesterday (March 8th).


To encourage the cell renewal on my feet I opted for triple action ClearZal Callus Crème. There has to be a fine balance between soft feet and hard skin so my feet can endure the amount of pounding they have to suffer on a regular basis. I have found the ClearZal Callus Crème brings remarkably swift results.



The Cream is non greasy and very easily absorbed, which is crucial for healthy feet. It is important for my feet to recover rapidly, but not be too soft, to avoid bleeding and the creation of blisters during my races.



After my trial with ClearZal Callus Crème and having started my second pot, I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for swift and efficient renewal.

The ClearZal Callus Crème was trialed for 3 weeks before and the we took the after shots below.


Many thanks for allowing me to trial this incredible product!


Heather Foundling-Hawker

March 2009



Heather is a qualified sports therapist and personal trainer (with qualifications in the rehabilitation of injuries, using sound wave technology to promote healing). She represented Great Britain in the World 100km Championships in Seoul, Korea finishing in ninth place, breaking the over-forties British record, gaining a silver medal with an incredible time of 7 hours 50 minutes.


More recently, Heather won the ladies race and was 3rd overall in the 33rd Duchy Marathon on Bodmin Moor held on Sunday, 8th March 2009, despite injuries.


Calluses are thickened areas of skin which can be unsightly and painful. Now there’s a quick and easy solution in the form of ClearZal® Callus Crème. A unique triple action formulation, it has three ingredients which actively remove callused skin and hydrates the new cell growth. You will see initial results within just a few applications.

For more information visit: www.clearzalcallus.co.uk or call 0845 8123 400

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