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Buko Organic Coconut Water

Coconut water with a conscience

It’s fair to say that coconut water has taken the UK by storm over the last few years, so for a new brand to make an impact would take something special. Buko Organic Coconut Water believe they’ve got what it takes however with their eco-friendly offering…


The term ‘buko’refers to young green coconuts in the Philippines, known for their naturally sweeter and fresher coconut water, and Buko believe,that by ensuring the coconuts they use are organic and avoiding all additives and preservatives, they have produced a delicious pure drink that will have even the most die-hard coconut water sceptics converted.


It’s not just about great taste though. We all know about the purported health benefits of coconut water, but Buko are looking to help more than just the health of those who drink it. The brand have teamed up with Cuipo, an environmental organisation, such that for every carton of drink bought one meter of rainforest is saved. On each carton you’ll find a unique code, which can be entered online to find out exactly where the metre of rainforest you’ve saved is, and the more cartons you drink the more rainforest you’ll help save.


So if you’ve yet to try coconut water, or you’re already a fan but want to try something new, visit www.organicbuko.com for more details on helping your health and that of the planet.

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