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Other Sports - 19. February 2008.

Boxing News-[teamsaccurato] Ann-Marie Saccurato and Angel Bovee news!

Ann-Marie received "Top Honors," "Top Fight of the Year," "KO of the Year," "Road Warrior
of the Year," "Fought Toughest Opponent of the Year," from the WBAN. She also received
"Fight of the Year" from the WBC for her bout with jessica Rakoczy and "Fight of the Year"
from the WIBA for her bout with Emiko Raika.

WOW! That is a lot of one year! Thanks to everyone for their continued love and support.
Ann-Marie will be fighting for the WBC Lightweight title April 12th in Belgium. Stay tuned!
Ann-Marie is training hard and just met with her Perforamnce coach Juan Carlos Santana
of the Institute of Human Performance while he was in NY presenting at a ECA summit.
When she wins the WBC Lightweight World Championship in April--she will have won this
title three times!

Angel has been busy working on the Board of Directors and the Chair of the Athlete
Advisory Council with USA Boxing. It is an exciting time for USA Boxing. . . stay tuned for
lots of things coming up this year!

Check out a new website from the Boxing Resource Center. LetThemBox.org-

-a site to
inform and educate people about women's boxing and a place to help fight for 2012
Olympic inclusion. One of Angel's Public Service Announcements is also up on the site.
She is working on a poster promoting the Women's Program of USAB and a new website
www.usaboxingathlete.com which will hopefully launch sometime this year.

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