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Born Nutritional Products

BORN products are suitable prior, during and after any sporting activity.
If you are just starting to exercise or if you have been active for some time ..BORN..products are just for you.


How do they differ from other products available in the stores?
BORN products are certainly effective. The taste is definitely one of the key benefits of using BORN products compared to other brands.

The BORN range of isotonic drinks gives you plenty of energy to keep you going during your training.

The banana flavoured energy gel is delicious. Most of the ones I have tried so far are rather tasteless. It's difficult to finish the whole tube because of the consistence. Because of that I was quite apprehensive when I first tried the banana flavoured energy gel as I was expecting  the unpleasant taste - but luckily I was extremely pleased.

The energy gel was really tasty and gave me plenty of energy during one of my 10km races.

The SUPPLE + the recuperation drink is perfect after strenuous sporting activities. All important vitamins and minerals which you loose during high intensity exercise are replenished with the BORN recuperation drink. The shake has got a nice taste and is quite filling so you will not need to consume any extra calories.

I would recommend BORN products to all sporting people.

Vladka (personal trainer and fitness specialist)

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