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Born Fitness products

This review was conducted over a 2 month period

All sports drinks are supplied as powders in single servings as well as in big jars. The form of powder ensures total integrity of vitamins and minerals.



Every BORN product contains specific ingredients. The BORN Drink for instance is the only isotonic thirst quencher on the market containing the broad spectrum of minerals of himalaya salt crystals.

It seems to good to be true but after reviewing the Born Products from Fracturesport.com I am truly amazed why other top leading companies who say their products are indeed so tasty and effective cannot make their drinks so delicious to taste. The pre exercise energy drinks that we reviewed was a mixed fruit taste, not to sweet but truly kept your energy levels up during a two hour gym session.

My colleague has already commented on the Born enery bars and gels in the other review; she will be ordering her new batch very soon.

The post supplement drink by Born can be mixed with either milk or water, but the amazing thing is mix it with water and it tastes no different than mixing it with milk. Recommended to drink 500ml after exercise to replace all the nutrients lost during exercise. I can guarantee you will not feel hungry after drinking this product; it keeps you going for a few hours.

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