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Blue Active Gel

For more information or to buy call the Pioneer Trading Company ( on 01526 344971 or visit their new web store at www.shopforhealth.co.uk

Review by WSR

When we were asked to review the product I was thrilled as working in this industry it is so hard to find a muscle rub that actually works.

The list of ingredients involved in making this product was the first interesting factor. Aloe Vera which is a big favourite of most people, so many healing properties, Glucosamine sulfate, Anti-inflammatory activity of Hamamelis distillate to name but a few. I reviewed the gel on shin splints, sore ankle, shoulder injury and calf muscle.

One of the first comments I received was the odour, the fresh smell but cooling effect of the gel but on the other hand you get the warmth through massaging the gel into the body, lovely feeling.

One of the downsides to the cream for me was the texture, because it's not oil based you use quite a bit at time and you have to keep applying it as you can't continually rub it in.

I rubbed the gel into my shins before my netball match and what a difference, no pain, no aching shins for the next 3 days.

The shin splints reacted very quickly to the gel as they normally last a good 3-4 days after playing netball on a hard tar mac surface, so that was very pleasing. I would definetly recommend the blue active gel to anyone with slight muscle fatigue or aching muscles.

Blue active Gel info and review by The Daily Mail

Blue is Best

It seems that a relatively unheard of muscle and joint rub could be the best treatment there is for aching muscles and joints, having recently been named at the top of the pile in a large review by the Daily Mail.

The paper looked at a large number of different rubs including the brands Deep Heat, Voltarol and Radian B, but it was the small brand Blue Active Gel that came out on top, scoring the highest mark of 8/10.

The gel stands apart from its competitors on two main points. Firstly it is the only ‘dual’ action rub - it cools the affected area instantaneously, whilst its soothing effects last for hours. Secondly it achieves this through the use of natural active ingredients, on which it certainly doesn’t scrimp….

Blue Active Gel contains:

Aloe Vera: Used for its claimed anti-inflammatory effects
Glucosamine Sulphate: Well known and documented to help with the maintenance of healthy joints
MSM: A naturally occurring sulphur containing compound. Studies point towards MSM being a natural pain reliever and helping with joint health
Golden Emu Oil: Famed around the world for its powerful soothing properties
Willow Bark: Traditionally used by herbalists for treating pain
Witch Hazel: Has claimed anti-inflammatory properties
Menthol: Has a powerful cooling effect associated with anti-inflammatory properties
Capsicum: Has claimed pain reducing properties
Chamomile: Has calming and soothing properties
Tilia Cordata: Has further calming properties


With this incredible combination of ingredients, which have been chosen for their powerful and researched benefits, it’s not surprising that the results speaks for themselves and have received such acclaim.

The gel has already received praise from everyone from international athletes and leading therapists to weekend gardeners and recreational joggers. Basically if you’re involved in any kind of physical activity and want to stay active then Blue Active Gel is for you.

For more information or to buy call the Pioneer Trading Company (www.pion-tc.co.uk) on 01526 344971 or visit their new web store at www.shopforhealth.co.uk


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