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Blackspade Thermal Top


I love to feel cosy and warm in the winter months so it's pleasing when new products come on the market to fit those needs. The Blackspades new thermal top is lush, so warm and cosy, and trendy to add to the bill.

Usually thermal tops aren't the most fashionable thing so you keep them well hidden, but the blackspade is far from that. The cool colours are really striking and with the right clothes you could get away with wearing it under a jacket as I proved the other day.

The top keeps everything warm, especially going down to the kidney area which is really important in the winter, love the product.

Well done Blackspade!!!!
  • The Unique Fabric Traps Pockets of Air to Protect and Insulate against Cold and is Breatheable Transporting Moisture Away from the Skin
  • The Fabric has a Crenelated Surface which Creates Extremely Soft Handle for Superb Next-to-Skin Comfort
  • Special Lightweight Fabrics are Used in Blackspade Thermal Products for Lightness
  • Can be Washed at 40 degrees Without Losing Shape, Style or Colour
  • 49% Viscose 49% Polyester 2% Elasthane

The collection comprises of underwear and outerwear for women, men and children and is perfect for anyone who spends a fair bit of time outside or in a cold office. The garments are made in three different levels with level one being lightest all-purpose base layer, for cool to hot conditions. Level two keeps the skin dry due to the extremely fast moisture transport and guarantees pleasant and breathable wearing comfort while at low level activity and finally level three is a collection which guarantees high breathability and perfect sweat removal.

The collections includes ladies long sleeve zipper tops in vibrant pink & black and long leggings to keep cosy and warm underneath. Bodies and long or short sleeved under t-shirts are also available.

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