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Benefits of sea kale for health

Benefits of sea kale for health

Inhabitants of coastal and island countries still in ancient times noticed the healing properties of this wonderful alga. Its long, more than a dozen meters, ribbon leaves that rose from the bottom by storm waves, were used for food. Ancient Chinese doctors knowingly gave to laminaria the name "sea ginseng".

Knowing how useful is sea kale, they recommended to include it in the daily diet.

Product features

Today nutritionists recommend including laminaria in diet food as one of the most useful products, besides having a low calorie content.

With the systematic consumption of it, all the functions of the internal organs are improved.

Researches of scientists prove that it is the algae that most accumulate in itself the valuable substances contained in seawater. In order to understand whether seaweed is useful, we must consider its unique chemical composition.

Composition and properties

  • Sterols

Sea kale contains sterols - substances that can fight bad cholesterol. The bottom line is as follows. They have a chemical structure of the molecule, close to the molecule of cholesterol. Therefore, they can replace it in the intestine. Molecules of sterols are absorbed into the blood through the walls, and cholesterol is excreted in a natural way. Thanks to this effective mechanism, the formation of atherosclerotic plaques on the walls of arteries is reduced, as well as the risk of blood clots.

Statistics show that residents of Japan, for whom laminaria is an everyday dish, suffer from atherosclerosis many times less than their compatriots living in the US.

  • Alginates

Laminaria contains up to 30% of alginic acid, and the benefit of its salts is the active excretion of toxins from the intestine. This polysaccharide does not dissolve in water and is not digested by the digestive system. It is simply excreted from the intestine. However, having a high sorption ability, alginic acid and alginates absorb water together with ions of heavy metals, radionuclides and other poisons with the formation of complex systems and subsequent excretion from the body.

Alginates differ from pectins by their selective adsorption. Not having a high affinity for calcium, they do not break the mineral balance. Their powerful influence is so effective that it can clear even bone tissue from lead.

Thanks to the successful research of Ukrainian scientists, these unique properties of alginates were used to eliminate the consequences of the Chernobyl explosion. The activity of these substances leads to the following effects:

  • suppression of pathogenic microflora in the intestine;

  • hemostatic effect on erosive processes in the digestive system;

  • improvement of intestinal motility and prevention of constipation;

  • inhibition of glucose absorption through the small intestine;

  • safe cleaning of the body from radioactive and heavy metals.

  • iodine

    The composition of sea kale includes iodine, which is indispensable for the normal functioning of the thyroid gland. At the same time, preparations of inorganic iodine, for example, table salt, can cause side effects or break down. And in sea cabbage it is found in organic form, which is easily absorbed by the body.

    There is also a scientific assumption that organic molecules associated with iodine facilitate the dissolution of atherosclerotic plaques. In English-speaking countries (as well as in Dutch) powder from dried seaweed is added to the bread. Laminaria contains the largest amount of iodine among known medicinal plants. In moist algae, its concentration is a quarter of one percent. During processing or storage, the quantity decreases. Therefore, the best effect can be achieved by taking the product in its raw form.

    • Vitamins

    Sea kale has a rich vitamin complex, numbering more than forty kinds of elements, and its use for the body can not be overestimated. It is ahead of the most popular terrestrial plants with a variety of valuable components.

    Thanks to their combined action, regeneration processes in cells begin, visual acuity and memory are improved, and the development of sclerosis is inhibited.

    The effect of vitamins is particularly beneficial on the growing children's body. A rich complex is favorable for the nervous system, especially when it is depleted by constant stresses.

    According to the content of minerals, laminaria is not inferior to fashionable curative mud. Baths and applications will be an effective supplement in the treatment of diseases such as arthritis or rheumatism, as well as chronic inflammation of the female genital organs. The use of sea cabbage is also evident in the treatment of respiratory diseases - bronchitis, angina, sinusitis and others.

    • Application in cosmetology

    Laminaria is also popular among cosmetologists. Its utility in this case is difficult to overestimate! Perfectly understanding the wonderful properties of the algae, the geisha rubbed their body with a warm plant mass. In modern salons, such wraps are part of a complex of cosmetic procedures. With them, the skin becomes smooth and supple. All microcracks, pimples, and other injuries disappear.

    A gruel from seaweed is used also as a mask for the skin of the face. Penetrating into the deeper layers of skin tissue, its useful components normalize the cellular metabolism and trigger the regeneration process. Even deep wrinkles become invisible, and the face looks young and healthy.


    Useful properties of sea kale allow to include it successfully in the diet. For nutrition, fresh and dried seaweed will be good. Due to low calorie content, the product can be safely consumed in any quantity, without fear of spoiling the figure, and a rich composition of trace elements and vitamins will help effective recovery.

    Simultaneously, the body will be cleaned of toxins, and as a result, there will be a beautiful skin, nice hairs and well-being.

    If you add to this long walks and physical exercise, you will get rid of many unpleasant health problems.

    Laminaria is used in the preparation of soups, side dishes, dishes from boiled rice. A salad of sea kale with a variety of ingredients is especially useful. It is cooked with vegetables, greens. To create a variety of dishes you can use pickled seaweed, but only if they are homemade and do not contain any chemical preservatives. It is possible to simply replace the usual salt with powder from dried algae and add a pinch to the cooked dishes.


    In the case of sea kale, the benefits and harms are completely disparate. The product has more positive properties. Nevertheless, it still has some contraindications. There are very few of them, but it is better to be aware of them. When using algae for medicinal purposes, it is advisable to first talk with a doctor.

    Do not abuse laminaria with the following problems:

    • individual intolerance or allergic reaction;

    • high sensitivity to iodine;

    • pregnancy, since iodine can harm the fetus by penetrating the placenta;

    • inflammatory processes in the kidneys;

    • increased thyroid function;

    • diseases such as tuberculosis or hemorrhoids;

    • acne.

      The damage from sea kale is minimal in comparison with its useful qualities. You can easily get used to a particular taste of algae, especially when eating it regularly. Then this magical sea plant will bring health and well-being to the body.

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