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Bellevue Tea's

Bellevue Tea

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Bellevue tea is an independently owned family business based in London, founded by Clare Jones and her tea trader husband Mike. Their thirty years of insider knowledge and love of tea is essential to bellevue’s commitment to deliver the finest quality tea drinking experience everyday.

There are many different choices in flavours

I was very happy to try out the Bellevue Tea range as I drink alot of tea and love the stuff.
The first initial reaction for me was the beautiful aroma of the breakfast tea that instantly took me back to my child hood days when my aunt use to make us cups of tea (from what we called back then real tea not from the tea bag) using the tea leaves the taste was unbeatable and this is what the breakfast tea reminded me of so I was very happy to try it out and will continue to drink it.

You have the choice of buying 25 or 50 bag boxes and at £2.50-£3.00 for the quality your getting I think that's a really good price. There are many artistan trendy teas on the market that taste noway as good as Bellevue.

Breakfast Tea

This select breakfast tea is a trusted blend of teas from Kenya and Sri Lanka. The robust character and warm colour of the high grown Kenyan tea, from the cool slopes of Mount Kenya, is perfectly balanced by the lighter, more fragrant Sri Lankan tea. A delicious and truly fortifying blend, to be enjoyed at breakfast and throughout the day.

Earl Grey

It really was the same for the Early Grey, I invited friends around for tea and they all sampled them and really enjoyed them. Many saying they could just taste the difference just a simple more natural flavour than the commercial brands.

For the same price as the breakfast tea, if your looking something a bit different then please you won't be dissapointed.

This classic Earl Grey tea has a wonderfully aromatic quality. The most popular scented tea, it is hand-picked on highland estates in Sri Lanka, then flavoured with bergamot oil, extracted from the fragrant bergamot orange. Although it is often served black, it can be taken with milk, and is renowned for its uplifting aroma.

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