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- 16. July 2007.

Belgium win Team Compound Gold in Leipzig

The Belgium Winning compound Team/photo FITA

USA (seed 1) – Italy (seed 5)

Scores tied after the first end. Both teams shot 55 points to open the match. Solato shot a 7 in the second end, but her two team-mates shot perfect 10s to finish the end and take a 1-point lead (111-110). No changes in the third end: Italy still leading by one point (164-165). The USA did not manage to recover with the last six arrows: big upset for the American favourites who lose to the Italians by a score of 220-222.

Semi-final: France (3) – Belgium (7)

The French were behind by two points after six arrows (7-8-10-10-8-9). The Belgians, (9-9-10-9-8-9), were leading the match by 54-52. France then managed to get back and tied the match at 108 points. Belgium took the lead again with six arrows to go (164-163). They finally clinched the match with a 2-point advantage over France: 218-220.

Bronze Medal: USA (1)France (3)

France shot first on target no. 2: Fabre started with a 10, Chesse followed with a 9 and Bouillot with a 10 for an intermediate total of 29. The Americans Van Natta, Nicely and Anschutz opened the match with a perfect end of 30. Fabre followed with a bad 8, but her team-mates shot 10 and 9 for an intermediate mark of 56. USA increased their advantage to 4 points after they shot another perfect 30! The Americans increased their lead to eight points after Chesse shot a 6 in the second end (116-108). The French managed to come back a little in the third end, taking advantage of two 8s by their opponents Nicely and Anschutz (168-163). The Americans lost one more point to the French (196-192) with 3 arrows to shoot. France finished with a strong end of 29 and put a little bit of pressure on their opponent, but the USA also managed a 29-point end to clinch and win bronze by 225-221.

Gold Medal: Italy (5) - Belgium (7)

Italy opened the match with 9-10-9 and was followed with 9-9-9 by Belgium. The match was tied after the first six arrows (55-55) as Italy scored 9-9-9 and Belgium 10-8-10. Salvi, Solato and Anastasio were trailing by two points at the half-way mark: they shot 9-8-9-9-10-10 for an intermediate total of 110, whereas Dessoy, Maemhouts and Willems scored 10-9-10-9-9-10 (112). The latter increased their advantage by one in the third end: the score was then 168-165 with only six arrows to go… After 21 arrows the Italian team had an intermediate score of 192. The Belgians increased their lead to 196 points. The final three arrows of the Italians were 10-9-8 for a total of 219. With 9-9-9 and a 223 score, Belgium took the first gold of the day: they are the new World Champions in Team Compound Women!

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