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Waterpolo - 13. February 2008.

Australia's National junior women's squad announced

Sydney (February 8).— These are the following activities planned for the National Junior Women's Squads in 2008:

(i) a Training Camp in April following the National League Finals in April.

(ii) a Born 1988 and younger team to the USA in July.

(iii) Born 1989 and younger team (taking into account the FINA Decision on future World
Championship Ages to be made on 8th Feburary) to tour Europe in August/September.

It will be necessary to add and/or subtract players to this Squad based on performances in the National League as up to 30 players will be required for the two tours.

The National Junior Women's Squad (B'88 and B'89) is:

Goalkeepers: Danielle Bower (NSW)1988, Victoria Risby (SA), Emily Young (QLD), Emma Jackson (QLD)1988, Leah Barta (NSW), Ursula Talbot (WA).

Centre Forwards: Holly Lincoln Smith (NSW)1988, Samara Davie (NSW), Kate Miller (QLD), Hannah Robinson (QLD), Elise Rossato (Vic)1988

Centre Backs: Sophie Ricketts (SA)1988, Bre Appel (NSW), Catherine Ainsworth (WA)1988

Counter Attackers/Drivers/Shooters: Glencora Ralph (WA)1988, Keesja Gofers (NSW), Zoe Arancini (WA), Ebony Neesham (WA), Nicola Zagame (NSW), Melissa Hammond (NSW)1988, Nicole Saville (NSW), Alicia Brightwell (NSW), Amanda Cox (NSW)1988, Kayla Bryce (QLD), Sally Farquhar (QLD).
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