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Other Sports - 05. December 2007.

Artistic Gymnastics Apparatus Finals – day 1 of 3 Beijing (CHN),

Women’s Floor / Sol féminin

The victory of the Chinese crowd-pleaser Cheng Fei, was expected and well-deserved. The
2005 World Champion on Floor combined the most powerful tumbling (6.20) with further
improved artistic and dance capability (9.075)- 15.275.

This Final was also a wonderful comeback to the podium of the 2005 World Overall Champion
Chellsie Memmel (USA), after a difficult year of dealing with her shoulder problem - Bronze.
Chellsie’s team-mate Bridget Sloan, also didn’t spear efforts to convert her fourth place in the
Qualifications into a Silver medal, due most of all to her excellent execution.
The All-around winner Jiang Yuyuan (CHN) risked with the highest difficulty in the Final (6.3),
but suffered a fall and lost (5th place).

Daria Joura’s (AUS) penalty of 0.1 (stepping out of the Floor) costed her a place on the
rostrum- 4th place.

Results / Résultats: 1. Cheng Fei (CHN) 15.275; 2. Sloan Bridget (USA) 14.925; 3. Chellsie
Memmel (USA) 14.725; 4. Daria Joura (AUS) 14.625; 5. Jian Yuyuan (CHN) 14.600; 6. Lidia
Parolari (ITA) 14.100; 7. Federica Macri (ITA) 13.925; 8. Svetlana Klyukina (RUS) 13.425.

Women’s Vault / Saut féminin
The triple World Champion on Vault Cheng Fei decided to go for security in her first run and
spared ½ a turn of her unique Yourchenko 2 ½ twists. However her second “patent”- round-off-
½ turn onto the vaulting table- 1 ½ off, was a mighty one (inspite of the small hop after
landing). Still unbeatable- Gold

Hong Sujong (PRK), a World medallist on Vault, has already made a name for herself as one
of the few realistic threats for Cheng, matching her difficulty and athletism. Not this time
though- another Silver!

Marissa King, the first year Senior who stormed into the International stage late this Spring,
and after sequence ot successes won the Vault at the Glasgow Grand Prix, proved that Great
Britain could come up with another Beth Tweddle. - Bronze

Nellie Kim, President of the FIG Women’s Techncal Committee said:
“I think that all medals in this competition went to the right directions. There were some
mistakes, but frankly we didn’t expect anyone to be in their superb form after having such a
busy year with Europeans, Worlds, Word Cup events, preparation for Beijing 2008 etc.
This event is also very useful for us, as a TC and for all the Judges, to learn from our
experiences and get ready for the biggest event next year”

Results / Résultats: 1. Cheng Fei (CHN) 15.150; 2. Hong Sujong (PRK) 14.450; 3. Marissa
King (GBR) 14.187; 4. Ariela Kaeslin (SUI) 14.075; 5. Nastassia Marachkovskaya (BLR)
14.037; 6. Jana Sikulova (CZE) 13.637; 7. Krisitina Vaculik (CAN) 13.500.


Gymnastique Artistique Finales par engins – Jour 1/3

Women’s Floor / Sol féminin
La victoire de Cheng Fei (CHN), qui avait les faveurs du public, était attendue et s’est produite
dans surprise. La championne du monde au sol 2005 a démontré toute sa puissance dans les
séries de tumbling (6.20) et a encore amélioré son exécution artistique (9.075).
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