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Swimming - 23. July 2007.

An Impressive Fifth? Duet update from the Swiss Open.

They finished fifth. Fifth? Under what circumstances could a fifth place finish possibly be impressive? Well, aside from the fact that they finished behind three National A Team Duets, until two weeks ago Laura McClemont and Karine Thomas were not the National B Team Duet. In fact, they were not even a duet at all.

Canadian Duet Champions Laura McClemont and longtime partner Samantha Standeven were slated for Switzerland until unfortunate medical concerns sidelined Standeven from competition altogether. Rather than withdraw from the duet event, Canadian Coaches Susan Kemper and Kasia Kulesza took a big chance in pairing McClemont with Karine Thomas, who were only able to train together for roughly ten days.

Because of the precise technical synchronization involved in the sport of Synchronized Swimming, such a short amount of training time prior to competition is unheard of. The Duo’s fifth place finish is a testament to the depth of talented Athletes and Coaches that we have in our National Team programs.

In the end, China’s two A Duets won the Gold and Silver, Italy’s A Duet won Bronze, and Japan’s B Duet placed fourth. Laura McClemont and Karine Thomas placed fifth out of twenty-one pairs and we at Synchro Canada could not be more proud.

“They set a Canadian precedent,” said Head Coach Susan Kemper, “no one has ever taken such a big risk.” Then again, no one has ever seen such a big risk pay off.
An impressive fifth? I’d say so.

The Team portion of the event begins tomorrow with the technical routines. For daily updates please visit www.synchro.ca.

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