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An Easter Saturday Musselburgh Racecourse Event You Must Not Miss

Photo by Noah Silliman on Unsplash

An Easter Saturday Musselburgh Racecourse Event You Must Not Miss

The newest fixture of Scotland’s second largest horse racing event which is the Easter Saturday racing about to kick-off on April 20, 2019. The Musselburgh Racecourse is an all-year-round horse racing event celebrated in Mill Hill, East Lothian, Scotland. The said racing is composed of almost 28 fixtures that are commemorated every month annually.

While there are a lot of Musselburgh Racecourse to talk about, let’s talk about the latest fixture that’s going to happen very soon. As mentioned, the Easter Saturday event which features the Queen’s Cup will have three meetings in total. This three-day event hailed on Easter Saturday will all be composed of Flat Meetings held respectively on 2nd, 3rd, and 13th of May.

The Easter Saturday racing show in Musselburgh racecourse is a grand horse racing celebration which is highly sealed the Queen of Scotland. It will be celebrating its third-year anniversary. In fact, a lot of horse racing fans alongside with other horse racing events in the United States initiated by TVG Promos, are looking forward to this event especially that it’s going to be a holiday where a lot of colorful festivities and events awaits for those who want to partake. The Easter Saturday racing has a prestigious £100,000 pot prize highlighting the Queen’s Cup along with the popular Scottish Sprint Cup.

Not only that, the Easter Saturday fixture event of the Musselburgh Racecourse has the grandest and the most prestigious social events compared to others. Through the years that the Easter Saturday is celebrated, it is being dubbed as a 5-star tourist attraction offering ultimate family entertainments and free entrance for all the children joining the event. Aside from the fact that the event is highly anticipated to be attended by a massive number of people, it’s is also a get-together event for everyone where are numerous food buffets and drink bundles that everyone can enjoy. For families who are going to be in attendance, a lot of entertainments intended for family bonding are in line where it is accompanied by lively music parties to add full excitement and fun.

Furthermore, for couples, friends, and even for singles the Easter Saturday fixture event in the Musselburgh Racecourse offers a get-together party like no other. Live music from Funkwagen is being featured along with street parties for everyone to enjoy. The sumptuous street foods display which is found within the vicinity of the racecourse features the most famous Edinburgh Gin Tipple Trailer. Besides, if you wanted an optimum Musselburgh Racecourse experience on Easter Saturday, you can definitely reserve VIP tickets.

Besides, for those kids who wanted to play, a devoted Kids Zone located within Linkfield Lawn handles all types and ages of children. Ranging from teenagers and toddlers, the Kid Zone offers various fun activities such as rides free of charge. There are also game stalls with the famous face painting activity that everyone kids can enjoy. Sweet treats featuring chocolate eggs are also given away to children to partakes in games and other activities conducted in the said event. Also, the Easter Egg hunt is one of the biggest and main activity on the Easter Saturday celebration.

The Easter Saturday celebration in Musselburgh Racecourse is even colorful and meaningful due to the fact there is a wide range of race packages available. A popular Gourmet Pint and Pie is being served for £40 which includes your admission and the whole program you can devour. Aside from that, Pie-Not is also available which is famous staple snack food served within the Musselburgh Racecourse. For people who prefer to eat salty foods with sauce, Chip and Fish Package is available for £40 along with a bottle of cold wine, beer, and soft drink.

Not only that the Easter Saturday in Musselburgh Racecourse serve a buffet of snacks, but they also sell fine dining dishes that everyone can also consume. An Aberdeen Angus Beer and Beef Package is available for all beef lovers still at £40. You’ll also found the classic Well Hung and Tender Burger that is freshly cooked dressed with cheddar cheese made from Lockerbie align with fried chips and onions. You’ll get these food platters along with a bottle of soft drink, wine, or beer.

For people who want to join the Easter Saturday event in Musselburgh Racecourse and looks for a drink to toast, you can fully enjoy a Pommery Pop Package that includes a 200ML bottle of 

champagne. Aside from that, there are also hospitality and VIP packages that everyone can select. Take note that all packages available and you purchase on Easter Saturday event comes with free admission and programme passes.

The Easter Saturday fixture commemorated in Musselburgh Racecourse was first held in 2017. This is to celebrate the Queen’s well-established relationship with the Musselburgh Racecourse. If you would like to take part in the Easter Saturday fixture of the Musselburgh Racecourse, reserve your tickets now as the event will surely bring your entertainment experience to a whole new level.  


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