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Surfing - 14. August 2007.

Alizee Arnaud (Fra) Dominates the Final To Take Oakley Lacanau Pro Junior !

Her coach, Marie-Pierre Abgrall, the first European surfer to qualify for the Womens’ ASP World Tour, was on the beach to watch and support Pauline : “…the peak is fairly simple today, and my presence is not absolutely necessary as the water is pretty smooth and the sets regular. The girls just have to wait patiently for the waves with a bit of shoulder because the rest are soft and difficult to surf… “.

By 1 p.m. the fourth round and quarter-finals were already completed. No major surprises during either round : “…the top 6 are fairly consistent, they all surf well and any of them are capable of winning…” Marie Pierre-Abgrall told us.

photo ASP


Justine Dupont (FRA), from Lacanau remains the big surprise in 2007 with a fantastic result at the Roxy WLC where she finished runner-up in the World Longboard Championship. “…I haven’t touched my longboard since the WLC and am concentrating on the junior tour…”. Justine finished second last week at the Sopelana Pro Junior, “…it’s different here because I’m at home. There’s more pressure but at the same time it’s great to have my family and friends around me…” Justine took first in her quarter-final, with behind her respectively Lee-Anne Curren (FRA), Laetitia Sudre (REU) and Fanny Brice (FRA).

In semi #1, Marie Dejean put on a good show and dominated the 25 minutes : “…I started the heat with two good scores which made sure of at least second place, then I just let loose and surfed with no pressure…”, in fact, Marie got a 7.23 and a 7.80 points out of 10 : “…I like rights, and when the heat started at the best moment for the tide, I took the ones with a bit of shoulder where I could string together a couple of moves…”. Only one thing to say – well done Marie – you impressed everyone on the beach !

As for the other competitors, Lee-Anne Curren (good in big waves) had a hard time with the conditions. The small waves didn’t let her express her fluid and powerful surfing. Justine Dupont was also knocked out just before the final.

The decisive 20 minutes started at 3 p.m. on the south peak and an in-coming tide, the left was short, but the sets regular. The crowd on the beach watched all the waves surfed by our finalists with great interest. Young Johanne Defay (REU), at just 13 years of age, didn’t quite manage to get the scores she needed, but told us during her interview on the podium : “…I’m happy to have got to the final, the standard was high. Getting through 4 rounds is already a great achievement…”

Marie Dejean and Pauline Ado both battled it out for second and third place.

But it was Alizee Arnaud from Capbreton who flew through the heat with a combined score of 18.10 points : “…the wave was just like at home, I felt really good. I managed to get heaps of waves and to stay on the peak to choose the right ones…”. Her position in the ratings has not changed much because she hasn’t taken part in all the events : “…I won at Amado and now here, 4 results count so I’m going to concentrate on Ericeira and Liencres. My goal is to be in the top 2…”. Alizee showed today on the Plage Centrale that she can easily obtain her objectives and be our future European Junior Champion.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this first edition of the Lacanau Women Pro Junior !

Tomorrow the show continues with the Soruz Lacanau Pro WQS 6* (World Qualifying Series), and the next rendez-vous for our junior girls will be in Ericeira, Portugal, 23 -26 of august.

Results (Scores out of possible 20)

1 : Alizee Arnaud (FRA), 18.10 pts

2 : Pauline Ado (FRA), 12.83 pts

3 : Marie Dejean (FRA), 10.36 pts

4 : Johanne Defay (REU), .97 pts

Julie Audibert

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