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After Glow by BioRhythm-ADS

After Glow recovery treatement from Bio-rhythm.

 In the USA-http://www.biorhythm-ads.com/After_Glow.cfm

In the UK-http://www.bodyactive-online.co.uk/Shopping/pdbiorhythm-afterglow.asp?pCoupon=WOMENSPORT

After Glow recovery treatement from Bio-rhythm. To receive a 10% discount on your entire purchase    enter  WOMENSPORT   This promotion will run until 12/31/10.

I just wanted to tell you the fantastic results we've gotten, using "After Glow", following our workouts. This product far surpasses any post-workout product we've tried, in the past. We've found the recovery process much faster using After Glow, and the anti-inflammatory properties, superior, to other products. We've been using it now for over a month, and the expediency of the recovery from muscle fatigue and failure, is quite extraordinary. Using After Glow has increased our capacity and frequency, of doing the tough workouts, thus, increasing our cardiovascular benefits.

  Thanks so much!


Wanda J. White
Boston Academy of Martial Arts
158 Blue Hillls Parkway
Milton, MA 02186

I had heard a lot about this product from many of people spanning the globe so I thought WSR would check it out and see if it lived up to the rumours.

First of all because we try so many supplements here at WSR I am very choosy with my words and will say fairly how we feel about each product.

I spend a lot of time in the gym so I am fussy what recovery drinks to take. I suffer with fibroids in my back ( muscle clusters) basically your muscles don’t know when to relax as they are working so much, so to have a good recovery drink to help repair muscle fatigue and fibres is very important to me. After Glow was sent to me in Water Melon flavour which is a very fresh taste which you appreciate after you have finished working out.

My overall opinion on the drink is fantastic, I take it 20 minutes after my workout and I have no aches and pains to moan about, my fibroids don't bother me like they have done in the past.  I would definitely recommend this to my colleagues and readers of WSR.



Ensure complete muscle recovery and restore depleted glycogen (energy)

Reduce recovery time

Eliminate post-workout fatigue


2.12 lbs (16 Servings)

4.23 lbs (32 Servings)

60 grams (Six Pack)


Bazooka Fruit


Cherry Bomb


  • Fast & efficient recovery paves the way for most every fitness goal:
    • Lean muscle gains
    • Reduction of body-fat
    • Improve endurance training
    • Improve skill training
  • Powered with properly dosed cortisol suppressants reducing catabolism.
  • Evidence based (four independent university studies) macro-nutrient ratios:      carbohydrates, protein & fat.
  • ‘All in one’ supplement that takes the place of up to eight other supplements you may already be taking.

    The promo code they can enter to receive a 10% discount on their entire purchase will be:     WOMENSPORT   This promotion will run until 12/31/10.  
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