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Rio Olympics 2016 - 15. October 2007.

A preferred bidder has been announced for the Olympic Park and Stratford City energy centres and networks.

The Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA) and Stratford City Development Limited (SCDL), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Westfield, today announced SUEZ Group, through its subsidiary Elyo, was the preferred bidder for the Energy Centre and Community Energy Networks for the Olympic Park and Stratford City development in east London. Following a detailed procurement process, exclusive talks will now continue with Elyo.

Two Energy Centres, one in the west of the Olympic Park and the other within the Stratford City development, will provide an efficient power, heating and cooling systems across the Olympic Park and Stratford City for the Games and the legacy communities that will develop after 2012. The Energy Centres will include biomass boilers and a Combined Cooling Heat and Power (CCHP) plant, in line with the ODA’s and SCDL’s commitment to utilising renewable energy technology in the Olympic Park. The Community Energy Networks will distribute heating and cooling through approximately 16km of pipework across the Olympic Park and Stratford City.

ODA Director of Infrastructure and Utilities, Simon Wright, said:

'The Energy Centres will be the heart of the utilities network in the Olympic Park, fuelling not only a summer of world-class sport, but also the lasting regeneration of the area for many years to come. Announcing a preferred bidder takes us a step closer to delivering this essential infrastructure and I am confident we will sign terms of agreement in due course.'

John Burton, Development Director at Westfield, commented:

'The development of the Stratford City CCHP facility will be a major contributor towards the projects environmental sustainability. Stratford City will set new standards for large scale developments and this will facilitate a sizable contribution towards the overall reduction of our carbon footprint.'

SUEZ Executive Vice President in charge of Energy Services, Jérôme Tolot, explained: 'The Olympic Park and Stratford are significant developments within London. SUEZ is delighted to be associated with such a large-scale regeneration project, and the achievement of exemplary performance in sustainability and corporate responsibility. We are fully committed to developing an innovative and sustainable solution that will be recognised as a foremost example of utility delivery excellence, and achieve significant greenhouse emission reductions.'

The Energy Centres and Community Energy Networks are being procured jointly with the companies involved in the development of Stratford City to ensure cost and management benefits.

The Stratford City scheme is comprised of seven construction zones. Westfield are developing Stratford City Town Centre (Zone 1), lying between Stratford International Station and the existing town centre and including retail, residential, leisure, hotel and offices. Lend Lease, together with partners First Base and East Thames, is the preferred developer for Zones 2 – 7, which will include the Athletes Village for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games together with education, healthcare and community facilities and an additional commercial district.

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For further information please contact the Olympic Delivery Authority Press Office on             +44 (0)203 2012 700       . Find out the latest from London 2012 HQ on our Work in Progress blog http://www.london2012.com/blog.
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