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Triathlon - 22. April 2007.

4th ÖTZI ALPINE MARATHON- Naturns/Schnals (South Tyrol)

Victory goes to Italy, Germany win  the women’s relay

Naturns/Schnals (South Tyrol), April 22, 2007 – Among the women the winner was the 39 year old Laura Mazzucco from Mondovì (Piedmont) who finished the race in 4 hours, 39 minutes, and 32 seconds, that is 15 minutes faster than in 2006. The second place went to the 34 year old Andrea Innerhofer from Gais, South Tyrol, with a delay of 8 minutes and 5 seconds, the third to Marcellina Dossi from Volano (Trentino) with a much larger delay, 34 minutes and 41 seconds behind the winner.
The very narrow relay was a really thrilling challenge, as some of the strongest athletes from Italy, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland were competing in it.

Among the women success went to the German super team composed of the 25 year old twins Maria (MTB) and Stefanie (German national ski touring team member) Koch, and Paula Maingold, who really did well in running. She crossed the finish line at the Bergrestaurant Grawand after 4 hours, 1 minute, and 40 seconds. The South Tyrolean team did exceptionally well and finished second with a delay of 3 minutes, 9 seconds, and 9 tenths: thank to Alexandra Hober, two-times Italian MTB champion, Irene Senfter (mountain running), and Annemarie Gross (skiing). Hober did the handover second, with a delay of 4 minutes, whereas Senfter was third at her handover. Thus it was Gross to catch up in her ski touring leg. The Austro-German threesome lead by Barbara Gruber finished third.

“From flowering orchards to high mountain glaciers”, this is the slogan of the fourth edition of today’s (April 22) Ötzi Alpine Marathon. This really demanding challenge is carried out on a distance of 42.2 km and a difference in height of 3,242 m. From Naturns (554 m) the course follows the Schnalstal, reaches Kurzras and climbs then up to the top station of the glacier cable car (3,212 m). It includes three disciplines, mountain biking, running and ski touring.

With 365 participants from five nations the event scored a new record: 155 athletes participated in the individual race, 70 in the relay made up of three team members. Compared to last year the race recorded 85 participants more.

The Ötzi Alpine Marathon is disputed in three disciplines (MTB, running and skiing). The start is in Naturns. From there the participants cover 24.2 km mountain biking, until Unser Frau, then they continue running over a distance of 11.8 km up to Kurzras, and from there they climb on their skis to the Bergrestaurant Grawand, covering a difference in height of 1,201 m. As already mentioned there are two rankings, one for individual participants and one for relay teams.

The participants in the individual race started in Naturns at 9:00, the relay teams at 10:00.

The all over prize money is of 15,000 Euro, including individual and relay race.
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