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4 Sports Stars to have Aided Nike’s Success

A huge part of Nike’s marketing strategy is signing up some huge names in the sporting world to become part of the brand.

This type of advertising can be hugely lucrative; the bigger the celebrity the better. If people see sporting stars or teams that they support wearing Nike outfit ? then they are more likely to also want to be involved with the brand

Social media plays a huge part in these sponsorships, as the sports superstars can easily post directly on their own social media accounts photos with them wearing items of Nike clothing.

The company’s very first professional athlete endorser was the Romanian tennis player Ilie Nastase, and many others followed soon after. Additionally, Nike manufactures and provides kit and uniforms to a wide range of sporting teams around the world.

Michael Jordan - The basketball legend signed a deal with Nike in 1984, and was offered $500K a year for 5 years when he initially signed. Before that, he had never even worn a pair of Nike sneakers! Jordan’s relationship with the brand went on for longer than the initial 5 years, and his revenue between 2015-16 with Nike alone was $2.8B.

Together, the player and the company brought out Air Jordan, a brand of basketball footwear and athletic clothing. Many different versions were released through the years, with the first year alone making $130M.

Cristiano Ronaldo - This world-famous football player was brought onto the Nike team in 2003 and in 2016 he signed a lifetime deal. His success with the brand is largely thanks to his huge following on social media. Ronaldo has millions of fans on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and what he posts often is hugely influential.

His social media presence has managed to generate over $500 million in value for Nike, so it is certainly worth having him on board. Ronaldo helped to bring out the CR7 collection, a range of football boots, clothing and gear. Nike urges customers to ‘channel their inner Ronaldo’ when they purchase the boots.

LeBron James - LeBron signed with Nike in 2003, and since then, 15 James signature shoes have been released. He has now signed a deal with the company that is worth over a billion. The style of basketball shoe is proving to be very popular.

LeBron makes such a good ambassador for the brand due to his passion for the company as a whole, he claims that the has always loved Nike, ever since he was a little kid.

Tiger Woods - Tiger Woods has been the focus of many of Nike’s advertising campaigns over the years. When he turned pro in 1996, he was part of their ‘Hello World’ advertisement. The most famous advert he has starred in is him bouncing a ball off of his wedge and then sending it flying toward the horizon.

Ancient Greek religion had a goddess called Nike who personified victory. Fast-forward eight thousand years, and Nike is still here. However, she is not a goddess anymore and is well-known in a much broader territory then Greece. Today, Nike is the most successful athletic footwear, apparel, equipment and accessories brand in the world. Although in a different setting, Nike still represents victory and remains the object of ultimate desire!

There is a quote by Richard Brault which says “The road to success is not a path you find but a trail you blaze”. Without a hint of hesitation, we can say that Nike’s path to success epitomizes this aphorism. In order for us to bring Nike’s world closer to you, we will present you with a bunch of mind-blowing facts which are outlined in the infographic below.




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