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Beach Volleyball - 01. April 2008.

38 referees (32 Men, 6 Women) from 26 countries finally confirmed to officiate Volleyball and Beach Volleyball at the Beijing Olympic Games


Brazilian Beach Volleyball referee Maria Villas-Boas stays focused

Lausanne, March 31, 2008 – The FIVB has confirmed the nomination of referees for the Volleyball and Beach Volleyball Tournaments at the Olympic Games in Beijing.

There will be eight Beach Volleyball referees among a total of 16 in Beijing who will be officiating at an Olympic Games for the first time.

Hongyu Liu from China, who refereed the SWATCH FIVB 2007 Singapore Open Women's semi-final in her most important match to date during six seasons on the SWATCH FIVB World Tour, will be one of the first-timers, as will compatriot Weiping Liu, England's Damien Searle, France’s Marc Berard, Germany's Marc Hagener, New Zealand's Richard Casutt, Switzerland’s Jonas Personeni and USA's Glenn Sapp.

Canada's Darryl Friesen will be returning to officiate at his fourth straight Olympic Games, the only referee on the list to work at all four Beach Volleyball Tournaments since Atlanta 1996.

The other referees with previous Olympic refereeing experience who will be returning to the Games in Beijing are Austria’s Andrea Haas, Brazil's Maria Villas-Boas, China's Leijun Wang, Italy's Stefano Cesare, Japan's Takashi Fujii, Mexico's Miguel Ramirez and Norway's Geir Dahle.

All Beach Volleyball referees officiate on the SWATCH FIVB World Tour.

There will be five Volleyball referees among a total of 22 who will be officiating at an Olympic Games for the first time, including Italy's Massimo Menghini, Bulgaria's Konstantin Tufekchiev, France's Patrick Deregnacourtt and Mexico's Humberto Salas.

Thailand's Janpen Jirakakul rounds out that group of first-timers and she is among three women referees going to the Summer Games along with Patricia Salvatore of the USA and Karin Zahorcova of the Czech Republic.

The other Volleyball referees are Japan's Osamu Sakaide, Russia's Andrei Zenovich, Serbia's Dejan Jovanovic, Brazil's Laert Francisco De Souza, Turkey's Ümit Sokullu, Qatar's Ibrahim Al Naama, Iran's Mohammed Shahmiri, Canada's Mitch Davidson, Korea's Kun-Tae Kim, Hungary's Bela Hobor, the Netherlands' Frans Loderus, Germany's Frank Leuthauser, Puerto Rico's Victor Rodriguez and China’s Ning Wang and Liu Jiang.

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