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Volleyball - 21. August 2007.

2007 FIVB World Grand Prix Final Round in Ningbo. The press conference before the start on Wednesday

The crowded Press Conference in Ningbo

Ningbo, August 21, 2007 

This year’s FIVB Grand Prix Final Round featured six-time title winners Brazil, who ranked first in the preliminaries with an 8-1 record, and Finals debutants Poland, 3-0 upset winners over Russia in the Osaka leg.  Also joining us in the Final round were Russia, Italy, the Netherlands and China.
Six participating teams attended the press conference, which attracted more than 100 local and international reporters, Tuesday afternoon.

Mr. Josè Roberto Guimaraes, head coach of Brazil team says, we are in good shape and we will try to do our best in the final round.

Mr. Chen Zhonghe, head coach of China says, it is their pleasure to return to Beilun, the home court of the Chinese team.  Chen adds that his team has a lot of young players and they did not play very well in the preliminaries, having ups and downs all the time.

Chen vows that China will try to play to their standard at home court and improve team play through matches against the best teams of the world.

Mr. Avital Selinger, head coach of the Netherlands team says, our team is in very good shape and I am happy that gradually we are playing better and better.  Mr. Selinger thinks it’s an honor to play in the final round and all the matches will be very tough and interesting and he hopes all the participating teams can entertain the audience with exciting performance.

Mr. Massimo Barbolini, head coach of the Italian team says, we are really happy to be here in the final round. Our players are in good condition and we will try to do the best.

Mr. Giovanni Caprara, head coach of the Russian team says, we will try our best in the final round and we believe we are the strongest team.

Mr. Marco Bonitta, head coach of Poland team says, it’s the first time for Poland to play in the Grand Prix Finals and they will play match by match and try to do their best.

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