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Volleyball - 09. July 2007.

16s Take Spotlight at USA Junior Olympic Girls' Volleyball Championship

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (July 7, 2007) -which began July 29 and continues through tomorrow (July 8) at the Minneapolis Convention Center.
As the USA Junior Olympic Girls' Volleyball Championships concludes on July 8, a total of 19 different champions will have been awarded in seven age groups (12-18). The Open Division (14-18) is the highest level, followed by the National Division and the American Division (12-18).
Laguna Beach 16 SY delivered a 25-21, 27-25, 25-13 victory over TAV 16 Asics (Fort Worth, Texas, North Texas Region) to win the 16 Open division title. Laguna Beach 16 SY advanced to the title match by defeating Illini Elite16Cardinal (Bloomington, Ill, Great Lakes Region) in four sets during the quarterfinals followed by a sweep of Invasion 16-Black (Blue Springs, Mo., Heart of America Region) in the semifinals. TAV 16 Asics reached the championship match with four-set victories over Encinitas 16-Brent (Encinitas, Calif., Southern California Region) in the quarterfinals and DPremier 16 Damon (Dallas, Texas, North Texas Region) in the semifinals.
Laguna Beach 16 SY's Alexandra Palmer walked away with the 16 Open division most valuable player award. She was joined on the all-tournament team by Felicia Arriola (Laguna Beach 16 SY), Lauren Bergold (Laguna Beach 16 SY), Sarah Bullock (Dallas Premier 16 Damon), Kenna Crouse (Laguna Beach 16 SY), Katherine Culwell (Dallas Premier 16 Damon), Katie Fuller (Encinitas 16 Brent), Kate Harris (Invasion 16 Black), Casey Garvey (MAVA 16 Elite), Jessica Kapp (Invasion 16 Black), Lauren Martin (TAV 16 Asics), Jenny Menendez (Illini Elite 16 Cardinal), Megan Murphy (TAV 16 Asics), Sloane Sunstrum (TAV 16 Asics) and Hannah Tucci (AJV 16 Mizuno).
F.a.R. Out 16-1 captured the 16 National division title with a 23-25, 25-18, 15-13 victory over Club Fusion 16 Black (Marengo, Ill., Great Lakes Region). Like the championship match, F.a.R. Out 16-1 rallied to win both its quarterfinal match against OP2 16-1 (Edmond, Okla., Oklahoma Region) and its semifinal match versus Southwest Illinois 161 (Belleville, Ill., Gateway Region) after losing the first set. Club Fusion 16 Black reached the final match by sweeping KC Extreme 16 National (Lee's Summit, Mo., Heart of America Region) in the quarterfinals and WVBA Mizuno 16 (Woodinville, Wash., Puget Sound Region) in the semifinals.
Jordyn Skinner was awarded the 16 National division most valuable player trophy. She was joined on the all-tournament team by Morgan Boub (KC Extreme 16 National), Kerry Clavadetscher (WVBA Mizuno 16), Cailin Fellows (WVBA Mizuno 16), Tyler Henderson (OP2 16-1), Erin Johnson (Club Fusion 16 Black), Alison Kearney (Renaissance Cleveland 16N), Kylin Munoz (WVBA Mizuno 16), Sandra Parys (Club Fusion 16 Black), Taylor Root (F.a.R. Out 16-1), Megan Steenhuysen (F.a.R. Out 16-1), Laura Thole (Southwest Illinois 161), Carly Thomas (Southwest Illinois 161), Molly Turk (Club Fusion 16 Black) and Lexi Williamson (Coast 16-Chad).
A5 16 Erica recovered from losing its first two matches of the tournament by winning the 16 American division title with a 21-25, 28-26, 15-7 victory over Mizuno M1 161(Minnetonka, Minn., North Country Region) in the championship match. A5 16 Erica reached finals after rallying to defeat City Beach 16 Black (Santa Clara, Calif., Northern California Region) in three sets during the quarterfinals, followed by a two-set win over San Gabriel 16Roshambo (Los Angeles, Calif., Southern California Region). Mizuno M1 161 advanced to the title match with sweeps over Mizuno SPVB 16 Soph (Aurora, Ill., Great Lakes Region) in the quarterfinals and Mizuno MN Select 16-1 (Maple Grove, Minn., North Country Region) in the semifinals.
Monique Mead of A5 16 Erica was tabbed the most valuable player of the 16 American Division. She was joined on the all-tournament by Caitlin Adams (KC Power 16-1), Anne Marie Armstrong (A5 16 Erica), Tia Gaffen (Mizuno Minnesota Select 16-1), Katherine Harms (Mizuno Minnesota Select 16-1), Kara Pioske (Mizuno M1 161), Rebekah Saugen (Mizuno M1 161), Val Smith (Mizuno M1 161), Rachel Taylor (San Gabriel 16Roshambo), Courtney Vaccarello (City Beach 16 Black), Kate VanDyke (KC Power 16-1), Ashley Veach (A5 16 Erica), Lindsey Weber (Mizuno SPVB 16 Soph), Megan Wiechmann (San Gabriel 16Roshambo) and Abby Wittman (Topeka Elite).
The medal board has 10 of the 40 USA Volleyball regions with at least one championship at this year's Junior Olympic Girls' Volleyball Championship, in addition to Puerto Rico claiming a title. The Southern California Region has the most with four titles after Laguna Beach 16 SY's championship in the 16 Open. The Pioneer Region and Aloha Region both have two championships. Lakeshore Region and Southern Region captured their first titles and join the Badger Region, Florida Region, Lone Star Region, Great Lakes Region and Hoosier Region with one team winning a gold medal. No individual club has won more than one title in this year's USA Junior Olympic Girls' Volleyball Championships.
The 17-year old division championships fall on Sunday, July 8. The 17 American division title will be contested at noon CDT, followed by the 17 National division championship at 2 p.m. CDT and the 17 Open championship at 4 p.m. CDT.
For the latest information on the USA Junior Olympics Girls' Volleyball Championship including photos of tournament champions and award winners, http://www.usavolleyball.org/Juniors/07_gjo.asp.
USA Junior Olympic Girls' Volleyball Championship Review:
12 National (48 teams): 1. Jammers 12; 2. Team Z Orange; 3T. Encinitas 12-Krystal and AJV 12 Mizuno
12 American (24 teams): 1. San Gabriel 12Roshambo; 2. Cincinnati Elite 12-1; 3T. TAV 12 Asics and Woodlands Stars-12G
13 National (48 teams): 1. Borinquen Coqui 13-1 F; 2. SunshineDiggers 13-1; 3T. Asics KIVA 13 Red and Asics MAVS 13-1
13 American (48 teams): 1. MAVA 13 Elite; 2. Celtic Force 13 Green; 3T. Encinitas 13-Peter and Stellar 13-1
14 Open (28 teams): 1. Asics KIVA 14 Red; 2. Team Z Orange; 3T. Encinitas 14-Katie and TI 14 Evil Pop Tarts
14 National (48 teams): 1. Asics Rainbows G14sLuis; 2. Long Beach 14 Elite; 3T. Braggin Rights 141 and TCA 14-Third Degree
14 American (48 teams): 1. Milwaukee Sting 14 Gold; 2. Lions 14-1; 3T. Arizona Juniors 14-1 and X-14s
15 Open (28 teams): 1. SCVC 15 Elite; 2. KC Extreme National; 3T. Mizuno Northern Lights 15-1 and Arsel 15
15 National (48 teams): 1. Tampa Bay 15 Black; 2. Vision 15 Gold; 3T. Texas Tornados 15 Mizuno and City Beach 15 Black
15 American (48 teams): 1. Houston Juniors 15 Nat; 2. Skyline 15 RoShamBo; 3T. Wisconsin Power 15 Red and Coast 15-Mary Jo
16 Open (28 teams): 1. Laguna Beach 16 SY; 2. TAV 16 Asics; 3T. DPremier 16 Damon and Invasion 16-Black
16 National (48 teams): 1. F.a.R. Out 16-1; 2. Club Fusion 16 Black; 3T. Southwest Illinois 161 and WVBA Mizuno 16
16 American (48 teams): 1. A5 16 Erica; 2. Mizuno M1 161; 3T. San Gabriel 16Roshambo and Mizuno MN Select 16-1
17 Open (28 teams): championship on July 8 at 4 p.m. CDT
17 National (48 teams): championship on July 8 at 2 p.m. CDT
17 American (48 teams): championship on July 8 at noon CDT
18 Open (28 teams): 1. Mizuno SPVB 18 Elite; 2. Long Beach 18 Mizuno; 3T. Mizuno Northern Lights and TCA 18-Third Degree
18 National (48 teams): 1. Point West Mizuno 18-R; 2. Milwaukee Sting 18 Gold; 3T. TAV 18 Asics and Laguna Beach 18 MS
18 American (48 teams): 1. Dunes 18 Black; 2. Mizuno SPVB 18 Blue; 3T. AJV 18 Mizuno and Vision 18 Blue
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