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- 01. April 2007.

The 2nd edition of the Meteksan Archery World Cup started today 1 April

The 2nd edition of the Meteksan Archery World Cup started today 1 April

Star dust in the sky of Ulsan!
Ulsan – 1 April 2007

The 2nd edition of the Meteksan Archery World Cup started today 1 April in Ulsan, Korea with the Opening Ceremony. More than 250 archers from 34 countries will be competing in the event to earn points and qualify to the World Cup Final at the end of the season. This year the Archery World Cup features a complete FITA round during the qualifications (4 x 36 arrows at four distances), and then the archers continue with the exciting single elimination match play (12 arrows only).

Today the sky of Ulsan was made yellowish by sand dust coming from China. This phenomenon associated with coloured fireworks and soap bubbles flying all around turned the atmosphere into something almost supernatural at the Munsu International Archery Centre.

After official practice and equipment inspection in the morning, the archers and delegations could assist and enjoy an extraordinary Opening Ceremony. This event was preceded by a pre-event ceremony which featured advertising and cultural clips and some music.

From 4-5 pm (local time) the archers, officials, sponsors and guests could enjoy a 1-hour official opening starting with the marching of the delegations. This was followed by speeches by five eminent Koreans in front of an important floor of journalists, photographs and TV crews.

Mr Maeng-woo Park, Mayor of Ulsan City, was the first to welcome all the participants to the major event indicating the beginning of the outdoor archery season. He was then imitated by Mr Euisun Chung (President of Korean Archery Association and KIA Motors photo), Mr Jung-Gil Kim, President of Korean Olympic Committee, and Mr Du-gyeom Kim (Mayor of Nam-gu District Office). Finally it was the Namgu Council Member Mr Sung Il Ahn who declared this first World Cup stage officially opened.

After the official part, the ceremony ended with the inflation of a big terrestrial sphere. However, the afternoon “party” was not finished yet… as the organizers had still planned a post-ceremony event they called “Created Performance”. It staged historical performances as well as traditional and modern music and dancing.

A special afternoon for all native and foreign spectators whatsoever! That is surely what will first be remembered of this year’s first World Cup Opening Ceremony.
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