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Volleyball - 15. April 2008.

'Good Luck Beijing' official test event approaches ahead of Olympic Games Volleyball Tournaments


Beijing's Capital Indoor Stadium, one of two Olympic Volleyball venues, will host matches during the "Good Luck Beijing" 2008 China Club Volleyball Tournament

Lausanne, April 14, 2008 – The official test event for the Olympic Games Men's and Women's Volleyball Tournaments gets underway on Wednesday with the start of the "Good Luck Beijing" 2008 China Club Volleyball Tournament.

The tournament through April 16-21 will see a series of competitive matches involving four Men's and four Women's Clubs from China in order to test the facilities of the two venues that will host Volleyball during the Summer Games.

The Capital Indoor Stadium (CAS), which will be the main Volleyball venue during the August 8-24 Olympic Games,  is scheduled to host 14 matches played over five days this week while the Beijing Institute of Technology Gymnasium (BIT) is set to host six matches.

The 18,000-seater CAS, built in 1968, is one of 11 newly renovated venues for the Beijing Games, while the ultra-modern BIT venue, which seats 5,000, has a spectacular "batfish"-shaped design.

FIVB First Executive Vice-President Jizhong Wei will be on hand at the test event to check on preparations and to suggest any adjustments to BOCOG.

The upcoming tournament follows a successful dress rehearsal for Beach Volleyball in August 2007 at Chaoyang Park Beach Volleyball Ground, the 12,000-seater venue for the Beijing Games Beach Volleyball Tournament.

The FIVB Beach Volleyball Women's Challenger event through August 13-19 last year was deemed a huge success, with the spectacular venue, smooth organisation and quality of the sand receiving high praise from players and FIVB Technical Supervisors.

The event also proved immensely popular with fans suggesting that, for the fourth consecutive Summer Games since the sport's debut at Atlanta 1996, Beach Volleyball will be one of the main attractions for spectators.

In line with International Olympic Committee requirements and prior commitments by Beijing, the China Club Volleyball Tournament and the FIVB Beach Volleyball Women's Challenger are two of 42 "Good Luck Beijing" sports events scheduled between July 2007 and June 2008.

For more information on the "Good Luck Beijing" 2008 China Club Volleyball Tournament, visit www.volleyball2008.org

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