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Other Sports - 17. December 2012.

Zhu Yuling Overcomes Doubles Partner to Regain Volkswagen Girls’ Singles Title

The winner in Bratislava in 2010 but the runner up one year later in Bahrain, Zhu Yuling regained her Girls’ Singles title by emerging success at the Volkswagen World Junior Championships in Hyderabad on the afternoon of Sunday 16th December 2012.

In Bratislava she had beaten Japan’s Kasumi Ishikawa in the final, in Bahrain she had suffered defeat at the hands of colleague Chen Meng; in Hyderabad she secured the top prize by overcoming doubles partner and second seed, Gu Yuting, at the final hurdle in four straight games (11-5, 11-5, 11-8, 11-9).

Meanwhile, for Gu Yuting, the gold medallist in the Girls’ Singles event at the Youth Olympic Games in Singapore in 2010, it was once again defeat in the final.

Silver Medallist in Cartagena
In 2009 in Cartagena de Indias, she suffered defeat in the gold medal contest at the hands of Wu Yang.

Control Versus Dynamic Action
The control of Zhu Yuling versus the quick-fire attacking play of Gu Yuting was the order of proceedings in the Girls’ Singles final.

It was the control, the ability to absorb the fearsome attacks of her partner that secured success in the first two games; Gu Yuting as she tried to force the pace of the play made errors.

Zhu Yuling was simply too consistent.

Facing a Machine Gun
Playing against Gun Yuting must be like facing a machine gun, she is relentless; just sometimes I wonder if discretion should be the better part of valour.

Perhaps changing the pace of the play more, perhaps a little more safety in her play but that does not seem to be in the make-up of Gu Yuting.

It is all guns blazing.

Continued Attacking
Two games to nil in arrears, Gu Yuting continued to attack with venom in the third game but at 10-9, it was point to Zhu Yuling to move into a three games to nil lead; the opportunity that had arisen was taken.

Zhu Yuling was one step nearer gold.

Top Speed
The contest was being played at a breath taking pace; Gu Yuting in attacking mode, Zhu Yuling in counter attacking mode.
Fast and furious the contest continued; the rallies a credit to both players, exercising superb balance, outstanding recovery and fast anticipation.

Called Time Out
Throughout the contest, at the crucial stages it had been Zhu Yuling who prevailed.
In the fourth game the two stood level at 6-all, the next two points went to Zhu Yuling as Gu Yuting made errors trying to effect severe top spin strokes.

Understandably, Gu Yuting called “Time Out”.

Champion Again
Alas for Gu Yuting the break did not work in her favour; Zhu Yuling won the next two points, she held four games points, four match points, four Championships points.
Gu Yuting saved two but no more; once again Zhu Yuling was the champion.
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photos Janos Schmidt 

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