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Golf - 02. February 2009.

Xerox Ladies Invitational

12  women from the LPGA joined the various foursomes of players throughout the day to coach them in a selection of 7  clinics during the day. The lady veterans could choose from full swing, chipping, bunker, pitching and putting shots with the LPGA coaches. After the clinics, the women participated in a variety of friendly competitions, including the longest, most accurate putt and the longest drive. Following a day out on the green, there was an awards reception where Xerox's Doug Lord, president of the North American Solutions Group, recognized their service to our country and their participation at the Invitational.

golf Xerox Ladies Invitational
(From left to right) Deborah Owens, Army Reserves; Pam Anderson, Active Member of the Arizona Army National Guard; Donna Rossi, reporter at CBS Channel 5; and Jeanne Botwright, LtCol. United States Marine Corps, Retired enjoy a day of golf at the Xerox Ladies Invitational.

Bios of players

Pam Anderson, Active Member of the Arizona Army National Guard

Pam joined the National Guard in 1986. She was working as a school counselor – with several of her peers serving in the Guard and some of her students signing up, she decided to sign up too. She finds it a challenge to learn, grow and contribute as a soldier; and finds it rewarding to serve as part of a team taking care of the country.


Pam deployed to Saudi Arabia during the Gulf War where she spent about 6 months transporting fuel into Iraq and Kuwait. She was deployed again in 2003 to Iraq, again transporting fuel. She has experienced deployments as a young enlisted soldier as well as a First Sergeant of a company. In addition to the federal activations, she served a shorter tour with the Border Mission after Sept. 11. Pam is still active with the National Guard.


Pam is still a school counselor. She enjoys golfing, hiking and camping. She feels honored to represent women in the military at the Ladies invitational and looks forward to representing an enormous number of quality women who have all contributed to making the military what it is today.


Jeanne Botwright, LtCol. United States Marine Corps, Retired

Jeanne joined the Marine Corps in 1954 after polio kept her from studying physical education in college. She served for 16 years before leaving to have children. When the Marines began allowing women with dependants under the age of 18 to join the Reserves, Jeanne happily applied and was accepted. She eventually returned to active duty and retired in 1980 after 25 years. Jeanne now enjoys traveling and golfing. She serves in several offices of the Women Marines Association and is finally reaching her dream of going to college by taking courses at the University of Phoenix, Axia College, majoring in criminal justice.


Jeanne is awed to be participating in the Ladies Invitational and hopes it will raise awareness of women who have served and are serving in the military today. She is very proud to have been a marine.


Deborah Owens, Army Reserves

Deborah joined the Army Reserves in 1976 to gain experience after having difficulty finding a job. She completed basic training in Alabama and served in San Francisco. Her time with the Reserves helped set her up for a successful career in the printing and computer graphics industry. She enjoys playing golf, tennis, badminton and loves music and dancing.


Deborah looks forward to the invitational and spending the day with a great group of her peers.




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