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A head office team member at national award winning budget gym chain, Xercise4Less is celebrating this month after been given the go ahead to develop a new range of services for the brand, giving life to a new career for the working mum.

 The management team at Xercise4Less has committed to supporting mum of one marketing executive, Sarah Philp, 25, in rolling out dedicated services for new parents and women during pregnancy, within the gym chain. Sarah, the brainchild behind the new initiative will personally offer help and advice to members at the head office site in Leeds where she is based, but she will roll the programme out so this support is available at every site.

As part of this initiative Sarah, who is qualified in Level 3 Personal Training and has just received her Pre and Post-Natal certificate has recently launched the Xercise4Mums blog where she offers tips and advice on maintaining a healthy lifestyle despite having young children or being pregnant.

Mum of 18 month old Isaac, Sarah, is delighted that Xercise4Less has backed her proposal to develop this arm of the business and the gym chain will be launching classes that use the baby-in-the-body-weight exercises this year, across its gyms.

She said: "Studying for my Pre and Post- Natal certificate inspired me to launch the new parenting concept, particularly creating new ways to make exercise accessible without the childcare barrier. This is something I am extremely passionate about, as I have faced these challenges personally. I wanted to launched a service that helped those parents also struggling - both time and resource wise. The new blog will create a community for people in similar situations. When it comes to the classes, it's all about combining exercises with the baby to help with the burn, such as baby-carrier squats, lunges, bench press. Also, what better way to get motivated to do some exercise than to team it with bonding with your baby and not having to find childcare!"

Xercise4Mums is a fortnightly blog which educates readers about the journey from bump to birth to new post-baby body. It is full of useful advice on how and when to exercise throughout pregnancy, how to prepare for birth, recovering safely post-baby along with tips and tricks on how to create time to exercise once the baby is born. It is found at www.xercise4less.co.uk/xercise4mums.

Xercise4Less was accredited in the National Parent Guide, a nationwide educational initiative rolled out to all new parents nationally to help prepare them for important challenges they face. The club was included as part of the guidance for dealing with the critical role exercise has on physical and psychological aspects of having a baby.

Xercise4Less is a leading UK budget gym chain with 25 sites and over 180,000 members and has plans for 30 more by the end of 2016. For more information on visit http://www.xercise4less.co.uk/

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