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Gymnastics - 07. March 2016.

World's trampolinists make furor in Baku

By Amina Nazarli

Azerbaijan continued to be true to itself organizing another wonderful sporting festival, which made the hearts of many athletes to beat in its capital on March 6-7.

The World Cup in Trampoline Gymnastics held in Baku for the first time has ceremonially come to an end in the National Gymnastics Arena, host venue for all Gymnastics competitions at the 1st European Games in 2015.

A total  17 countries, covering four continents including America, Australia, Europe and Asia made furor in the Land of Fire, which is quickly gaining momentum in this sport.

The high-level organization not only favored to smooth running of competitions but also enabled gymnastics fans who filled the hall to have pleasant leisure time this weekend.

Some 31 women “flying” gymnasts competed in Individual and Synchronized events.

Alongside the leader of the Azerbaijani team in Trampoline Gymnastics, bronze medalist of the Baku 2015 First European Games, Ilya Grishunin, the country was also represented by gold medalist of the Open Azerbaijan Championships Oleg Piunov, Dmitriy Fedorovskiy and Ruslan Aghamirov, as well as by female athletes including finalist of the First European Games Sviatlana Makshtarova and Sabina Zaitseva, who delighted Azerbaijani fans with impressive performances.

Each performance of the national team was cheered with special warm by the spectators during the events.

For the first time, Azerbaijan was represented in three finals at once in trampoline gymnastics, the development of which started in the country only two years ago. The best result in the final was shown by synchro pair consisting of Ruslan Aghamirov and Dmitriy Fedorovskiy who stopped a step away from the medal on the 4th place.

In women’s individual final events the gold and silver fell to the medal box of Belarusian gymnasts Hanna Harchonak and Tatsiana Piatrenia respectively. The representative of Great Britain, Catherine Driscoll mounted the third level of the podium.

The top three of the women’s synchronized program was led by a pair from Belarus Hanna Harchonak and Tatsiana Piatrenia, followed by pairs from Ukraine Nataliia Moskvina and Maryna Kyiko and Russian athletes Yana Pavlova and Victoria Voronina.


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