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- 02. June 2008.

World Record Holder Yun Ok Lee takes Recurve Title in Antalya

The World Cup Stage 3 had already put on great performances during the week with one World Records by the Korean Yun Ok Hee. Everyone was therefore looking forward to other superb matches on the beach! Korea was crowned in Recurve with new World Record holder Yun Ok Hee taking the title. Victoria Koval from The Ukraine took silver while Olympic Champion Park Sung Hyan took the Bronze.

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Gold Medal: YUN Ok Hee (OR) - KOVAL Victoria (UKR)
Yun Ok Lee

Victoria Koval

The Korean Yun is the holder of the new World Record for the 12-arrow match with 119 pts (out of a possible 120). She set this new record this week in Antalya in the elimination rounds. Her opponent from Ukraine beat two other Koreans (Joo and Kwak) on her way to this gold medal match. Koval starts with 9-X10-8 (27). Yun has a difficult start with 7-10-7 and trails by 3 pts (24). The Korean recovers her best form shooting 9-X10-9 (52). She takes an easy lead after her Ukrainian opponent shoots two 9s and releases the last arrow out of time (8). As a result Koval loses the best arrow of the end and scores 9-8-M (44). The game is almost over... Yun continues with 10-9-8 (79) and Koval with 9-9-8 (70). The Korean finishes with 10-10-9 and a total of 108 pts. She wins the gold medal while her opponent from Ukraine finishes with three 9s (97).

Bronze Medal: PARK Sung-Hyun (KOR) - KWAK Ye Ji (KOR)



Olympic Champion Park faces her 15-year old teammate Kwak for the bronze medal. Park starts perfectly with 10-X10-10 (30). Kwak opens with 9-8-9 and trails by 4 (26). Park is in Olympic form this afternoon on the beach and she continues with another perfect end (10-X10-10). With 60 pts at the half-way mark she leads her fellow countrywoman by 9 pts (9-8-8/51 for Kwak). Kwak recovers her good shooting with 9-X10-9 (79). Park with 9-8-X10 (87) keeps a comfortable lead. She finishes with another 10-X10-10 and clinches the bronze medal with an amazing 117-point score! Kwak closes her match with 10-10-9 and 108 pts.
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