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Netball - 04. July 2011.

World Netball Championships 2011 Day 2 Results

Latest Results for the Mission Foods World Netball Championships 2011

Day 2
Game 2: Jamaica 72 - 45 South Africa
Game 3: Australia 81 - 23 Samoa
Game 4: Trinidad & Tobago 51 - 48 Wales
Game 5: New Zealand 80 - 25 Fiji
Game 6: Sri Lanka 56 - 65 Northern Ireland
Game 7: England 65 - 33 Malawi
Game 8: Barbados 62 - 40 Malaysia

4th July 2011

The last game of Day Two proved to be a tough match up, in fact for the first couple of minutes, both teams only had one goal on the board. As the game continued however both teams played with passion and determination in order to come out on top but it was Barbados who pushed through and convincingly took the points going into the second round.

Barbados played with a lot of flair, which showed both in their skills on the court and the styling in which they had their hair! Some strong rebounding by Barbados Goal Keep Shonette Bruce gained a lot of ball for her team which was easily converted down the other end by resilient Goal Shoot Laurel Browne.


4th JULY 2011

Initially in the first quarter, Sri Lanka took the lead with their 6 ft 10” sharp Goal Shooter Tharjini Sivalingam. The Sri Lankans put up a good defends to the agile N.Ireland players, slowing their attackers down. However the N.Ireland players out played the defence and went on with their game. Ireland has also overcome the lead of the goals that Sri Lanka has with their Goal Keeper Deborah McCarthy intercepting the lobs Sri Lankan mid fielders thrown to Tharjini.

Northern Ireland used their agility and elevation to their advantage, stopping balls from going to Tharjini in the centre third. They then brought the ball down to their shooters and converted the interception to goals. The amazing chemistry between Goal Shooter Noleen Lennon and Goal Attacker Oonagh McCullough with Wing Attacker Hannah Irvine can be seen on court. As they use their visions and got the ball closer to the goal by passing it among the shooters. The Northern Ireland shooters, Noleen Lennon (GS) and Oonagh McCullough (GA) were sharp with their shot, which lead them to win the match.


4 July 2011

The game started goal for goal as Malawi looked up to the challenge of taking on England, the world number three. But they couldn’t put out the fire in England’s desire to obtain a solid win and soon dropped behind.

Another team to clear their interchange bench, England were flawless on attack and persistant on defence. Led by their strong captain Sonia Mkoloma (who could be heard from the crowd), England found flow through the court with all combinations tried by Coach Sue Hawkins. Young Goal Shoot Joanne Harten had an exceptional game in the first half, slotting 22/24 of her shots for 92%.


Court 2, Pool B
Monday, 4th July 2011, 1.15pm

In the first quarter, both Wales and Trinidad & Tobago put out a tough fight for the goal. But it didn’t take Wales long enough to pull the score apart. Wales have scored throughout the quarter scoring goals after goals. However, Trinidad & Tobago caught up to Wales by taking it slowly with good decision making.

Trinidad & Tobago have picked up the game really well as they went from being down in the first quarter to winning the game. The team made use of the good ball handling skills of the players to minimize mistakes and put in goals instead. This advantage they have, lead to the win throughout the whole match. Giving credits to the good communication within the two shooters, Janelle Barker (GS) and Joelisa Cooper (GA) in the circle. They have amazing rotations and work with the midfielders Rhonda John-Davis (WA) and Candice Guerero (C) fantastically.


Court 1, Pool B
Monday, 4th July 2011, 3.30pm

Crazy wigs, pom poms, dance routines and flags were out in abundance to watch the game between New Zealand and Fiji this afternoon.

It was a slightly shaky start for both teams but it was the defence ends of the court that really stood up, making life tough for the shooters of both sides. World number one ranked New Zealand led throughout but Fiji really showed why they are currently ranked number five in the world as they challenged every ball and fought hard to the end.

The game was a real showcase of how captains lead by example, both playing at Goal Defence for their respective teams, Casey Williams (New Zealand) and Malita Waqanidrola (Fiji) were shining stars on the court.


Court 1, Pool A
Monday, 4th July 2011, 1.15pm

With the amount of green and gold in the crowd you would think you were in Australia as the Aussies came in droves to support the Diamonds take on a courageous Samoan team.

Samoa may have sunk the first shot but from then on out it was all the World Netball Championship title defenders, the Australian Diamonds as they managed to clear their entire bench without missing a beat.  Goal Attack Natalie Medhurst had a phenomenal game putting up a high amount of shots, more than what is typically expected for a Goal Attack (21/25 84%)


Court 1, Pool C
Monday, 4th July 2011, 11.00am

Once again the excited crowd came out in droves to support the opening game of Day 2; Jamaica v South Africa.

Initially in the first quarter both teams went goal for goal throughout as the South Africans came out firing on attack and the Jamaicans lacked their usual dynamic play. It didn’t take them long to settle in however as they shot out to the lead nearing the end of the first quarter and throughout the rest of the game.

The Jamaicans proved that they are definite title contenders with the new combination of shooting sensation Romelda Aiken and young Goal Attack Anna-Kay Griffiths combining nicely in the circle. Once the Jamaican defenders got into their rhythm they were unstoppable with their aerial intercepts and their 3-foot defence over the ball. A special mention must be made of the outstanding game played by Wing Defence Sasha-Gaye Henry who was fearless on defence and picked up a lot of loose ball around the circle edge.


Court 1, Pool C
Sunday, 3 July 2011, 7.00pm

The opening ceremony may have been a beautiful display of the incredible talent and culture Singapore has to offer, but it was the first clash of the Mission Foods World Netball Championship 2011 Singapore that the sporting spectacle that is Netball truly began.

The vocal crowd were in the hard fought game from the outset as a deafening cheer went up for Singapore when they slotted the first goal…  BUT it was the animated Botswana crowd who were on their feet throughout as their team edged ahead slowly but surely to secure a convincing win over the host nation 43 to 36.

Inspired by singing their own national anthem the girls in blue were out to prove they have the skills to be fierce competitors as they moved quick on attack and were dynamic on defence. Goal Shoot Tebogo Radispotsane was a standout player for Botswana, her ability to pull the ball in from anywhere and her impeccable shooting statistics (20/22 91%) meant that captain and Goal Attack Portia Rasekhumba could be the play maker out the front, directing pin-point accurate passes into the circle.

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