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Nike Sweetspot features Former World Champion Climber Liv Sansoz

06.08.2008 - Other Sports

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Nike ACG Sweetspots kick-starts summer with a celebration of its athletes’ most prized
achievements on film. A Sweetspot is a moment in time when effort and talent combine perfectly. It’s an experience of purity when everything comes together and the spectacular is achieved.

Sweetspot film from Nike on Liv Sansoz

These unique stories will be showcased in 3-4 minute films which will launch on 7th April 2008. During the course of the summer a new Sweetspot will be added every few weeks. Nike ACG’s athletes have pushed both themselves and their sport in the creation of these new Sweetspots. Each has been given the opportunity to fulfill their ultimate goals and then showcase their accomplishments.

Having partnered with some of the most prestigious filmmakers in the business each Sweetspot is able to be shared courtesy of

Celebrating Former World Champion Climber Liv Sansoz.






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