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EHF Handball Events for February 2011

From: 05.02.2011 - To: 28.02.2011
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5th – 6th EHF Women’s Champions League Main Round 1
EHF Women’s European Cup Last 16 – 1st Leg
11th – 13th RINCK Seminar Vienna, AUT

12th – 13th EHF Women’s Champions League Main Round 2

EHF Women’s European Cup Last 16 – 2nd Leg

15th European Cup Draw – Women’s Quarterfinals Vienna, AUT

Meeting: EHF – Infront Sports & Media AG Vienna, AUT

16th Meeting: Finance Vienna, AUT

EHF Women’s Champions League Main Round 3

22nd Working Group: Arbitration Regulations Vienna, AUT

23rd – 24th Preparatory Meeting Scientific Congress Vienna, Aut

25th – 26th Meeting: CC, MC, BC & Technical Delegation Vienna, AUT

27th – 28th Workshop: Younger Age Category Events Vienna, AUT


Dare 2b Spring / Summer 2015

Spring summer 2015 see’s the Dare 2b range develop to it’s most technical yet, the range boasts new innovative technologies and fabrics to enhance performance to its absolute peak as well as introducing new colour stories to aesthetically develop the range.

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Women Sport Report’s Helen Keeling-Marston spoke to Fiona Oakes, the world’s fastest global marathoner.

Hi Fiona. It’s safe to say that you take running to the next level! You currently hold the record for being the fastest woman to run a marathon on each continent and the North Pole in elapsed and aggregate time. Tell us more …