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Other Sports - 01. October 2007.


The interest in both participating and watching women's sports is exploding. Millions of young girls and women play sports on the amateur, semi-pro and pro levels. Yet, being able to watch or read about these sports on the internet, in the newspapers and on TV is extremely limited. Catherine Masters, a sports and entertainment entrepreneur feels she has the credentials, expertise and business contacts to make it happen.

Some of the corporate players who will be a part of Women's Sports TV will be at the conference. One company is in the process of buying a network and have been business associates of Masters for almost 15 years. Another company that will be at the conference has developed a video player for the internet that uses the users bandwidth, thereby eliminating the restrictions on the number of viewers. "The time is absolutely right for this network" she states.

She may be right. Most of the major networks and internet sports sites are devoted and designed for men. And, with so many male sports securely established with viewers and fans, there's very little space for women's sports. "It's all a numbers game. Women's sports simply doesn't have the established fan base and won't until there's a place for the fans to go. A place that is on a regular schedule and a place that helps them get to watch their favorite women's team or get to know some of their favorite players. We're going to build this from the ground up," she adds.

A former sports television producer, Masters believes that with the help of her friends in the television world and the corporate community, she can make it happen. Masters has been working on this for some time and is very realistic about it. She believes she can get the programming and bring in sponsors and advertisers. And, she says that even though she has not made her plans public, some major companies are already contacting her wanting to advertise.

Scheduled to debut in the Spring of 2008, Women's Sports TV will include a variety of programming produced by some of the top women in the world of sports journalism and television production. These well known women will produce specials and features that will put the spotlight on many women's sports and female athletes. One of the sports already signed on is women's tackle football and the National Women's Football Association. More details will be discussed at the conference.

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