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Other Sports - 06. December 2007.


Nashville, TN - The global women's sports community and industries who are involved in women's sports are about to get a big boost to their visibility via a new programming service devoted just to women's sports.

Women's Sports Television, the brainchild of sports and entertainment entrepreneur, Catherine Masters, is preparing for a soft launch during the first quarter of 2008. "The biggest thing that is preventing women's sports more exposure and more fans is the lack of consistent exposure on television and the internet. We believe there is a huge market for women's sports and by providing this programming service, there will be more interest, more sponsorship dollars and more fans across the board," Masters states.

The programming will be a mix of games, matches and talk shows covering all types of sports from around the globe. Major associations in Europe, Asia and the U.S. have already contacted Masters to offer programming and assistance. And, she's formed several partnerships which include the National Women's Football Association, the Canadian Women's Hockey Association, Women's Pro Rodeo, Women's Lacrosse, The Women's Sport Report (UK) and Brain Pad. "We have a lot of very talented on camera personalities who are going to be providing talk shows for us and as soon as our contracts are signed, we'll announce them," she adds.

Masters background include innovative sports TV programming and while she knows this is a huge undertaking, she also has the contacts to make it happen. "Over the years I've developed some great friendships and business relationships that will help me make this happen," she adds.

The website which will include a state of the art video player will be launched in early 2008. Once the network develops enough programming and content to fill blocks of time, the network will move to television. "We have several mainsteam networks already showing interest in our programming content and we hope to have a deal in place by the middle of 2008," Masters says.

This is a dream come true for women athletes and everyone involved in women's sports from the team and league owners to the manufacturers who provide the equipment and apparel for women's sports. To say it's about time is an understatement.

For additional information on Women's Sports Television, please call (615) 860-4384 or email wstvinfo@cs.com

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