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Athletics - 15. October 2007.

Williams, Richards blogs tackle tough issues

Writing about how her "emotions swirled as I listened to [Jones] speak," Williams says she goes "back and forth between [being] sad for her unfortunate situation and angry at the mess she has created and left for current athletes to clean up." She fondly recalls Jones treating her "like a little sister" at the 2004 Olympic Games and Jones calling to wish her a 21st birthday, yet Williams questions "what it must feel like to live a lie so important to all you're telling it to."



2006 IAAF World Athlete of the Year and Olympic 4x400m relay gold medalist Sanya Richards also lets her voice be heard on the Jones news, writing of the disparity in media coverage of track and field, where negative news about the sport continuously overshadows tremendous accomplishments. She writes of an ESPN round-table: "I heard one of the gentlemen say that it seems to him that all track athletes are cheaters. He said that in order to compete at such a high level, you have to use performance enhancing drugs. NOW THAT'S UNFAIR. Just like everything else, we must keep things in perspective."

Fans can read the full text of Williams' and Richards' blogs at http://wcsnblogs.com/track-and-field/ .

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