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Gymnastics - 08. May 2009.

Whos the next World Champ?



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LAUSANNE (SUI Of the 1,800 gymnasts from 26 countries expected in Dornbirn, who will walk away with the first gymnastic clubs FIG Trophy in hand? One thing’s for sure, those who are part of one of the 70 clubs registered for the first Gym For Life contest in FIG history dream of nothing else. The event will be held in Dornbirn (AUT), July 15 – 19 of this year.

This is a truly historic event, one the international gymnastics community has long been awaiting. It is the first time since the Federation’s founding in 1881 that the FIG has approved an official World Contest in Gymnastics for All. Up till now, gymnastic clubs have performed for the public without being scored, notably at the World Gymnaestradas. But from here on out, the FIG’s founding discipline will enjoy a World Contest for clubs and the official titles to defend on a four year cycle, alternating with the Gymnaestrada.

Premiere FIG Challenge

Participating groups will be divided into six categories in Dornbirn. On July 16 – 17, each group will have a 5 minute window to perform, during which all gymnastic elements will be authorised; apparatus and musical accompaniment optional. The group will be evaluated by a panel of experts using pre-established criteria such as entertainment value, overall impression, innovativeness, originality, technique and safety. Gold, Silver and Bronze medals will be awarded in 6 podium categories.

Saturday, July 18th at 18:30 sharp, a prestigious Gala will feature presentations by the 6 Gold medal winning groups contending for the World Gymnastics Contest title, inclusive of all categories.

The FIG Gym For Life Challenge is the place to be!
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