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- 17. June 2008.

Vittoria Casalengno involved in Road Accident

She won’t take part in the Cross Country MTB World Championship running off in Malè from 17 to 22 June.

The Junior Woman from Piedmont Vittoria Casalegno won’t be at the starting line because she has just been involved in a road accident.

The athlete of GIANT Italia Team has some fractures and excoriations and a chirurgical surgery has run off necessarily.

Doctors haven’t informed us about the recovery from the surgery yet.

The Technical Manager Gianfranco Bechis of GIANT Italia Team has declared by phone as follow “Vittoria was going to find her good physical conditions after some problems and she was ready to take part to the World Championship. Unfortunately this accident happened but we are sure that, thanks to his grim and determination, she could start again mountain biking soon. The Team will constantly support her”.

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